How to find a job in London?

How to find a job in London?

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To work in the United Kingdom, it is necessary for foreigners to take certain formalities - notably social and banking.

Obtain your National Insurance Number

You must first apply for National Insurance Number (NIN).

It is possible to start working without your NIN - by providing the proof of application given by the Jobcentre Plus during your appointment.


The NIN is independent of the NHS number provided during your first visit to a general practitioner (GP).

Open a UK bank account

To receive your salary payment in sterling you must open a UK bank account: at a UK bank or a multi-currency mobile bank (Monzo, Revolut, N26, etc.).

Order an English sim card

To be more easily reached, order an English sim card and use the corresponding English phone number.

You can order a free giffgaff sim card - even before you leave, giffgaff deliver in multiple countries!

Knowing the UK job market

Find out about the minimum wage (SMIC) in England and be aware that contracts longer than 48h / week are illegal.

It is possible to exceed the 48 hours of work per week only on the basis of voluntary service.

Prepare your resume

Having an up-to-date and neat resume and LinkedIn profile will help you get interviews. Take the time to write a new resume in English - don't just translate your French resume.

Use the number of your English sim card (+44) to be more easily reachable!

Schedule interviews

It is advisable to start prospecting, planning and preparing for job interviews before you arrive in the UK.


Door to door

Submitting your resume directly to companies (online or in store) is a rather efficient method.

Give preference to large groups - which regularly recruit new employees - such as:

Working in youth hostels or student residences is a good tip for combining accommodation and work!

Temporary employment agencies

Temporary employment agencies are another way to find a job quickly:

Non-exhaustive list.

Registration in these agencies is generally completely free!

Specialised websites

  • AllTrippers classifieds :

On our platform, you can create your candidate profile and consult the different job offers relayed in each sector: catering, commerce, hotels, real estate, tourism, fashion, beauty, education, finance, IT, transport, etc.

  • General sites:
  • Sites specialising in student jobs and internships:


Useful mobile applications

If you are looking for a job in catering (cook, waiter, diver, etc.), hotel industry, events or the industry sector, these mobile applications can help you in your research:

You can find short, medium or long term missions here.


If you wish to be accompanied in your research, there are many associations and agencies offering professional integration assistance services:

Most of the services offered by these associations and agencies are chargeable.

Non-exhaustive list.