Why visit Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts)?

Why visit Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts)?

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque county of Northumberland, the Alnwick Castle stands as an iconic monument of British history and culture. More than just a stone structure, this castle is an open book on the past, offering visitors a captivating journey through the ages. Since its foundation in the 11th century, Alnwick has been the stage for many key historical events, from medieval battles to the intrigues of nobility, each leaving its mark on the ancient stones of this majestic fortress.

Towering over the landscape with its imposing towers and fortified walls, Alnwick is not just a testament to Norman architectural grandeur; it is also the keeper of heroic tales, romantic legends, and ancient traditions. Its role in the history of England is undeniable, from conflicts with Scotland to internal upheavals that have shaped the British nation.

Alnwick Castle

From 9.33 € (or £8.09)

From £8.09 (or 9.33 €)


But Alnwick Castle does not merely live in the past. Over the years, it has reinvented itself, becoming a favored location for filmmakers and an attraction for visitors from around the world, fascinated by its history and beauty. Its appearance as a setting in the Harry Potter film series and other cinematic and television productions has renewed its charm and attracted a new generation of fans, eager to explore the corridors and gardens where memorable scenes from their favorite stories took place.

In this article, we invite you to discover the well-kept secrets of Alnwick, from its medieval origins to its current role in popular culture. Dive with us into the fascinating history of this jewel of Northumberland, where every stone has a story to tell, every tower offers a new perspective, and every garden hides magic to be discovered. Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Alnwick Castle, where the past meets the present in a grand spectacle of culture, history, and natural beauty.

History of Alnwick Castle

The Norman origins of the castle

The history of Alnwick Castle begins in the heart of the Norman era, a period marked by ambitions of conquest and strategic defense. Initially built to protect the north of England from Scottish invasions, the castle quickly became a symbol of English power and determination in the face of external threats. The foundations laid by the de Vescy family, the first lords of the castle, bear witness to this tumultuous era, where each stone erected was a declaration of resilience and sovereignty.

In 1309, the transition of ownership of the Alnwick barony to the Percy family, a noble house of Norman origin, following the extinction of the de Vescy line, marked a new chapter in the castle's history. The Percys were catapulted to the forefront thanks to their military prowess in conflicts with Scotland. Henry de Percy (1273-1314), an emblematic figure of this dynasty, not only consolidated his family's position in the north of England but also initiated a series of reconstructions and improvements that transformed Alnwick into an impregnable fortress, a symbol of their rising power and growing influence in the region.

From medieval fortress to Renaissance palace

Over the centuries, Alnwick Castle has witnessed and participated in numerous transformations, reflecting changes in eras and aesthetic tastes. The 16th century marks a turning point, with the ambitious renovations undertaken by Henry Algernon Percy (1477-1527), the 5th Earl of Northumberland, a descendant of the 1st Baron Percy of Alnwick. These works were not just an act of preservation but also a manifestation of the Percy family's wealth and social status, a desire to leave an indelible mark on England's architectural history.

Alnwick's history is also marked by periods of decline, notably after the execution for high treason of Thomas Percy (1560-1605), leaving the castle without a direct heir and in a state of neglect. However, the 18th century saw the castle rise from its ashes under the aegis of Robert Adam (1728-1792), whose interventions favored a bold neo-Gothic style, ahead of its time. This renovation period breathed new life into Alnwick, transforming it into a fairy-tale residence, a place where history meets imagination.

The 19th century brought a new wave of changes under Algernon Percy (1792-1865), the 4th Duke of Northumberland, who, dissatisfied with the previous modifications, decided to return to a more authentic medieval style. This desire for restoration and preservation highlighted the importance of Alnwick Castle not only as a historical monument but also as a family heritage to be preserved for future generations. These efforts ensured that Alnwick Castle remains a living testimony to British history, a link between the past and present, where every visitor can walk in the footsteps of the kings, knights, and nobles who have shaped England's history.

Alnwick Castle is still the residence of the 12th Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, Ralph Percy and his wife Jane, along with their four children. The castle has been the family seat for over 700 years, ever since the Percys acquired it.

Alnwick Castle today

Alnwick Castle

From 9.33 € (or £8.09)

From £8.09 (or 9.33 €)

The Alnwick Castle, a true time capsule of British history, continues to captivate the imagination of visitors from around the world. By crossing its threshold, you enter a universe where every stone, every room, and every garden tells stories of battles, legends, and royal splendor. This immersion into the past is enriched by an architecture that evokes centuries of military strategy, art, and the daily life of the nobles who inhabited its walls.

A famous filming location

In the 21st century, Alnwick Castle has forged an international reputation by becoming one of the most coveted filming locations for movie and television directors. Its crowning moment came with its portrayal of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter films. This prestigious association has transformed the castle into a sanctuary for fans from all over the world, eager to walk in the footsteps of Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

Hogwarts comes to life at Alnwick

Alnwick's presence in the Harry Potter films went beyond just being a set; it infused the castle with a magical atmosphere, making it synonymous with adventure and mystery. Alnwick's imposing architecture, with its towers, battlements, and vast courtyards, provided the perfect setting to represent Hogwarts, making tangible the world imagined by J.K. Rowling. This seamless integration allowed visitors to feel as if they had been transported directly into the wizarding world, where magic is a palpable reality.

Broomstick flying lessons: an immersive experience

One of the most iconic attractions offered by Alnwick Castle is undoubtedly the broomstick flying lessons, inspired by Madam Hooch's flying lessons in Harry Potter. This activity allows visitors of all ages to live an immersive experience, giving them the opportunity to imagine themselves in the middle of a Hogwarts flying class. Instructors guide the budding wizards on how to maneuver their brooms, creating moments of joy and laughter, but also unforgettable memories for fans of the saga.

Broomstick flying lessons at Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts)

These flying lessons are just one example of the many ways in which Alnwick Castle seeks to pay tribute to its role in the Harry Potter films. By participating, visitors can momentarily slip into the skin of a Hogwarts student, living their own magical adventure within an authentic historical setting.

A bridge between two worlds

The inclusion of Alnwick in the Harry Potter universe has not only elevated the castle's profile but has also enriched the visitor experience by blurring the lines between reality and fiction. As they explore the castle, fans can marvel at the key filming locations, while learning about the real history and legends that surround this ancient fortress. This duality makes Alnwick a unique place, where history intertwines with magic and fantasy, offering an unparalleled adventure for all who cross its doors.

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Alnwick Castle was also used for filming certain scenes from season 6, episodes 8 and 9 of the television series Downton Abbey.

Alnwick Garden

The Alnwick Castle gardens, designed to be in harmony with the grandeur of the castle itself, are a masterpiece in their own right and offer visitors both an aesthetic and sensory experience. With their thematic spaces, elaborate fountains, and contemporary art installations, they provide a journey through different eras and styles, from romanticism to contemporary. The gardens also serve as a venue for a variety of cultural and educational events, highlighting the role of the castle not only as a historical monument, but also as a center of cultural and artistic life. As visitors walk through these gardens, they can appreciate how history, art, and botany come together to create a place of unique beauty and significance.

Alnwick Castle

From 9.33 € (or £8.09)

From £8.09 (or 9.33 €)

Thus, Alnwick Castle proves to be more than just a monument of the past. It is a living place, where history is told not only through its exhibitions and architecture but also through its role in popular culture and its lush gardens. Each visit is an opportunity to discover how tradition and innovation can coexist and enrich our understanding of the past, present, and perhaps even the future.

Footbridge of the Alnwick Garden

Visit Alnwick Castle


The entrance fee to Alnwick Castle varies depending on the age of visitors, with discounted rates for children, students, seniors, and large families. Some ticket options offer an enhanced experience, including not only a tour of the castle but also access to its magnificent gardens and temporary exhibitions, allowing for a complete immersion in the site's richness.

Alnwick Castle

From 9.33 € (or £8.09)

From £8.09 (or 9.33 €)

Prices 2024 Online Onsite
Adult £20.50 £22.80
Senior (60+ years) £16.55 £18.40
Child (5 to 16 years) £10.80 £12
Family (2 adults and up to 4 children) £55.65 £61.85

It is highly recommended to book your tickets online in advance to benefit from the best rates and to avoid long queues, especially during the peak tourist season.

Admission is free for children under 4 years old.

Opening hours

The opening hours of Alnwick Castle may vary depending on the seasons or special events. Generally, the castle welcomes visitors from spring to autumn, with extended hours during the summer months (July and August):

  • From spring to autumn: the castle is open from 10 am to 5 pm, with last entry at 3:45 pm.
  • Summer: opening is extended until 5:30 pm.
  • Winter: the castle is closed during the winter.

Do not hesitate to check the official website of Alnwick Castle for the most up-to-date information regarding opening hours, entrance fees, and any exceptional closures.

How to get there

Located in the heart of Northumberland, Alnwick Castle enjoys a privileged location, making it easily and conveniently accessible by various means of transport.

For visitors coming by car, the castle is well served by national roads, offering a pleasant journey through the captivating landscape of northeast England. Clear signage and nearby parking facilitate arrival.

Those who prefer public transport will find regular bus and train connections from major cities and surrounding airports. These options not only offer an eco-friendly alternative but also allow full enjoyment of the English countryside without the stress of driving.

The proximity to the Scottish border makes Alnwick a cultural and historical crossing point between England and Scotland, offering a great opportunity to discover the landscapes and heritage of Northumberland.


Alnwick Castle is committed to providing an accessible and enjoyable experience for all its visitors, including those with specific accessibility needs. Continuous efforts are made to ensure that everyone can explore the castle, its gardens, and participate in the activities offered:

  • Wheelchair access: due to its historical nature and terrain, the castle offers partial access for wheelchair users. Indeed, the estate is characterized by a variety of surfaces, including cobblestones, slabs, grass, gravel, and wood. These surfaces can be irregular and sometimes steep, with a number of steps, particularly on The Gun Terrace.
  • Assistance dogs: assistance dogs are welcome at Alnwick Castle.
  • Visitors may be asked to provide supporting documentation regarding their assistance dog.
  • Mobility scooter hire: for those who require additional help getting around, a limited number of motorized scooters are available for free, although prior booking is necessary. Call +44 1665 511 178 to reserve a scooter before your visit. It is noted that the use of these scooters is restricted in certain areas, particularly the steps leading to the Gun Terrace.
  • Accessible parking: dedicated parking spaces for disabled persons are available near the castle at the castle square (NE66 1NG) as well as in the main parking lot of Denwick Lane, near Alnwick Garden.
  • Accessible toilets: the site has accessible toilets, located in the courtyard between the Courtyard Café and the Stables Fryery. Additional facilities are also available in the Alnwick Garden pavilion.
  • Carers: the castle recognizes the importance of companions for visitors needing special assistance. Consequently, admission is free for carers accompanying disabled visitors.
  • Add the carer's ticket at the time of booking and bring proof of eligibility with you on the day of your visit.


Alnwick Castle strives to make its historical and cultural wealth accessible to all.

Visitors with special needs are advised to contact the castle in advance to discuss their specific requirements and obtain more information on accessibility and available services. For detailed and up-to-date information on accessibility, including specific services available for visitors with visual or hearing impairments, please consult the official website of Alnwick Castle.

Practical tips

The best time to visit Alnwick Castle is early in the morning or during weekdays, when there are fewer visitors. This strategy will allow you to explore the site at your own pace, away from the crowds, and to fully enjoy the serenity and beauty of the location. The summer months and school holiday periods are particularly popular and usually attract a large number of visitors, so it is wise to plan your visit outside these times if possible.

The castle offers various services to enhance your stay, including dining options for all tastes, souvenir shops to commemorate your visit, and even special activities for children, ensuring a memorable day for the whole family.

Unique experiences at Alnwick Castle

Themed guided tours

The Alnwick Castle offers visitors looking to deepen their knowledge a fascinating dive into its rich and varied history through themed guided tours. These immersive tours allow exploration of different aspects of the castle, from its medieval foundations to its iconic role in the Harry Potter films. The themes covered go beyond architecture and history, encompassing the castle's appearances in cinema and television, as well as the magical and mysterious legends surrounding Alnwick.

Each guided tour is designed to provide a unique and enriching perspective of this historic site to visitors, connecting them more deeply to the spirit and soul of the place.

Workshops and interactive activities

For an even deeper immersion into the world of Alnwick, the castle offers a range of workshops and interactive activities for all audiences. Among the most captivating experiences are the broomstick flying lessons, directly inspired by the adventures of Harry Potter. These one-of-a-kind sessions allow fans of the saga to experience a moment of pure magic, reminiscent of the iconic flying scenes at Hogwarts.

In addition to these magical lessons, Alnwick Castle also invites visitors to discover archery workshops and introductions to medieval history. These activities offer a window into the past, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the ancestral skills and traditions that have shaped life at the castle through the ages. Whether wielding a bow like the defenders of old or delving into the epic tales that have filled the halls and corridors of Alnwick, visitors of all ages will find something to satisfy their thirst for adventure and knowledge.

Each experience at Alnwick Castle is designed to transport visitors to another time, another world, where history, culture, and magic intertwine. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a Harry Potter fan, or simply looking for a unique adventure, Alnwick offers a multitude of fun and educational ways to explore and interact with its exceptional heritage.

Alnwick Castle

From 9.33 € (or £8.09)

From £8.09 (or 9.33 €)

The Alnwick Castle is much more than a simple historical monument in Northumberland; it is a true gateway to a world where history, culture, and magic meet. Its global renown, reinforced by its iconic role in the Harry Potter films, makes it a must-visit destination for history buffs, fans of the saga, and families in search of adventure. Its guided tours, enchanting gardens, and original activities provide every visitor with memorable experiences.

The Alnwick Castle, with its imposing architecture, fascinating legends, and welcoming facilities, promises a unique adventure where the past and present spectacularly intertwine. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a movie buff, an adventurer, or a simple dreamer, Alnwick Castle is a window open to a universe where imagination comes to life, inviting you to explore, learn, and marvel at every step.

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