What to do in Thorpe Park?

What to do in Thorpe Park?

With a name that resonates in the hearts of thrill-seekers, Thorpe Park Resort is often the theater of shrieks of excitement that mingle with the roaring of roller coasters. Located in the picturesque village of Thorpe between the towns of Chertsey and Staines-upon-Thames, in Surrey, England, this amusement park is famous for its impressive collection of roller coasters, including Stealth, which propels its passengers from 0 to nearly 130 km/h in less than 2 seconds.

Whether you are a thrill-seeker or you prefer quieter attractions, Thorpe Park has something to offer!

Thorpe Park is an excellent amusement park for adults and teenagers fond of thrill rides. For a more family-friendly experience, especially with young children, the amusement park Chessington World of Adventures is an excellent alternative.

A Journey Through Time: The History of Thorpe Park

The history of Thorpe Park dates back to 1930, when the original site was transformed into a gravel pit by Ready Mix Concrete (RMC). After the exhaustion of resources, RMC flooded part of the estate which became in 1975 the venue for the Water Ski World Championships. Subsequently, the creation of the subsidiary Leisure Sport Limited marked the beginning of the exploitation of the 161-hectare site as a recreational area. The new face of Thorpe Park was revealed to the general public on May 24, 1979, inaugurating an era of uninterrupted entertainment.


Over the decades, Thorpe Park has evolved, adding a variety of rides and permanent attractions. In 1984, the park saw the arrival of its first roller coaster, Space Station Zero. The acquisition by Tussauds Group in 1998 brought a new dynamic with the addition of iconic attractions such as Tidal Wave (2000), Colossus (2002), and Stealth (2006). In 2007, Blackstone Group acquired Tussauds Group, merging with Merlin Entertainments, who thus took the reins of Thorpe Park.

Thrills on the Horizon: The Attractions of Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park stands out with its array of more than 30 attractions and events, including 5 of the best roller coasters in the UK. With 17 family attractions and 11 thrill rides, the park promises an adventure for every daring soul.

Among its 28 attractions, 17 are family-friendly (including 5 water rides) and 11 (including 1 water ride) are reserved for individuals measuring at least 1m30 (thrill rides).

Roller Coasters

Among its 11 roller coasters, some are must-try:

  • Stealth (at least 1m40): a lightning-fast journey going from 0 to nearly 130 km/h in less than 2 seconds, making Stealth one of the fastest roller coasters in Europe and the fastest roller coaster in the UK.
  • The Swarm (at least 1m40): with nothing above and nothing below, defy gravity at nearly 100 km/h!
  • Colossus (at least 1m40): a looping and twisting adventure, unique with the only quadruple barrel roll in the UK.
  • SAW - The Ride (at least 1m40): the first roller coaster themed on the horror movie Saw - with a 100° drop from a height of 30 m.
The roller coaster SAW - The Ride at Thorpe Park

The 7 other roller coasters at Thorpe Park are:

  • Nemesis Inferno (at least 1m40): escape an erupting volcano on over 750 m of winding tracks at speeds of up to 80 km/h!
  • Samurai (at least 1m40): spin at high speeds 360° aboard a mechanical arm reaching up to 20 m high!
  • Vortex (at least 1m40): up to 20 m high and 15 high-speed spins per minute.
  • Detonator: Bombs Away (at least 1m30): admire the view of the park before a 30 m drop at a speed of 80 km/h.
  • Rush (at least 1m30): spin at a speed of 80 km/h and up to 23 m high!
  • Darren Brown's Ghost Train (at least 1m40): a virtual reality attraction that will face you with a demon...
  • The Walking Dead: The Ride (at least 1m40): an indoor roller coaster themed on the terrifying series The Walking Dead.

Family and Water Attractions

For gentler moments, family attractions offer a welcome break. From Storm Surge to Quantum, each attraction promises a blend of laughter and joy.

The 17 family attractions of Thorpe Park are:

  • Storm Surge (at least 1m10 - water): a 20 m descent seated on a fast-spinning life raft!
  • King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (at least 1m10): bumper cars themed on the famous Angry Birds.
  • Mr Monkey's Banana Ride (at least 90cm): swing 180° on a Viking ship.
Attraction Mr Monkey's Banana Ride at Thorpe Park
  • Timber Tug Boat (at least 90 cm): hold on tight, it's going to rock!
  • Lumber Jump (at least 90 cm): a little free fall.
  • Flying Fish (at least 90 cm): a small, fast and fun roller coaster.
  • Depth Charge (at least 90 cm - water): a 4-lane slide.
  • Rumba Rapids (at least 1m10 - water): a descent down the rapids of the river.
  • Rocky Express (at least 90 cm): a little uncontrollable roller coaster!
  • Storm in a Tea Cup (at least 1m10): a spinning teacups ride.
  • Quantum (at least 1m20): a ride on a magic carpet.
  • Amity Beach (water): a small artificial beach to relax or slide.
  • This area is reserved for families with young children.
  • Wet Wet Wet (water): slides at Amity Beach.
  • Angry Birds 4D Experience (from 4 years old): the adventures of Angry Birds in a 4D cinema.
  • Tidal Wave (at least 1m20 - water): a vertiginous drop of 25 m that won't leave you dry!
  • Zodiac (minimum 1m10): defy gravity aboard a giant spinning top!
  • Jungle Escape (from 13 years old): an escape room in the jungle.

Park Map

Map of Thorpe Park amusement park

Get a park map upon your arrival and locate the attractions you want to do!

Plan a full day visit to explore the entire park.


The Fastrack tickets give you fast-track access to most of the major attractions and thus allow you to avoid endless queues.

There are different types of Fastrack tickets, each giving access to a limited number of attractions.

Special Events

The Fright Nights are the flagship event of Thorpe Park, transforming the park into haunted territory, with extended evenings until 10pm during the month of October.

Fright Nights are reserved for adults and children from 13 years old.

Gastronomy and Souvenirs: The Flavors of Thorpe Park

From Infinity Bar & Kitchen to KFC, the park offers a variety of culinary choices to refuel. And don't forget to bring back a souvenir from one of the 7 shops scattered throughout the park.

Bars and Restaurants

Thorpe Park has 12 bars and restaurants:

  • Infinity Bar & Kitchen: gastropub offering burgers, fish and chips, and delicious salads.
  • The Cantina: located in front of the Nemesis Inferno attraction, this restaurant offers burritos, nachos, and fajitas.
  • The Huntsman's Arms: located at the back of Wilderness Bar & Kitchen, this bar offers a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Inferno's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant: located next to the Nemesis Inferno attraction, this restaurant offers pizzas, pastas, salads, and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • The Veggie Box: vegetarian and vegan dishes (falafels, salads, wraps, burgers, and fruit juices).
  • Sombrero's Street Food: burritos, nachos, and refreshing beverages.
  • Wilderness Bar & Kitchen: hotdogs and burgers.
  • Amity Kebab Co.: located at Amity Beach, this restaurant offers Turkish specialties (halal and vegetarian options).
  • The Grill: grilled meat, burgers, and fries.
  • Peckish: baked potatoes.
  • Burger King®: burgers, fries, and sodas.
  • KFC: burgers, fries, and sodas.


Thorpe Park also has several fast-food outlets:

  • Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop: located next to the Zodiac attraction, the shop offers your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavors in ice cream tubs, milkshakes, or waffle cones.
  • The Coffee Shack: a selection of hot beverages (COSTA Coffee), sandwiches, paninis, and pastries.
  • Amity Donut Bites: located at Amity Beach, the shop offers freshly prepared donuts accompanied by a selection of hot beverages or ice cream.
  • Colossus Hot Dogs: mini or maxi hotdogs, accompanied by fries and a selection of sodas.
  • Nitrogenie: the magic of liquid nitrogen in your ice cream!
  • Donut Factory: located next to the Storm Surge attraction, the shop offers freshly prepared donuts accompanied by ice cream.
  • Wilderness Waffles: delicious Wafflemeister waffles.
  • Hotdog Hut (Amity): mini or maxi hotdogs, accompanied by chips and a selection of sodas and slushies.
  • Churros, Waffles & Coffee: churros and waffles accompanied by a selection of beverages (hot and cold).
  • Chocolate & Waffles: Belgian waffles and chocolate-covered apples.
  • Amity Diner: take-away hot beverages COSTA Coffee.
  • FRIGHT NIGHTS FEARSTIVAL Favourites: located at the entrance of the Mr Monkey's Banana Ride attraction, the shop offers cotton candy and chocolate/caramel apples.
  • FRIGHT NIGHTS Hot Chocolate & Brownies: hot chocolate and brownies.
  • FRIGHT NIGHTS Mill Grill: burgers, pulled pork and curly fries.
  • FRIGHT NIGHTS Swing Grill: hotdogs and burgers.

Souvenir Shops

Thorpe Park has 7 souvenir shops - accessible only to park visitors - located at different attractions:

  • Ghost Train Shop: located outside the Darren Brown's Ghost Train attraction, this shop offers an exclusive range of souvenirs, gifts, and collectibles from the famous illusionist, mentalist, and hypnotist Derren Brown.
  • SAW Store: located outside the SAW - The Ride attraction, this shop offers gifts and souvenirs themed on the horror movie of the same name.
  • Flock'N'Shop: located inside Angry Birds Land, this shop offers official Angry Birds gifts and souvenirs.
  • Megastore: located in the heart of Amity Island, next to the Storm Surge attraction, this shop offers gifts and souvenirs themed on the park.
  • The Island Shop: located at the park entrance, this shop offers gifts and souvenirs themed on the park.
  • Colossus Shop: located at the exit of the Colossus attraction, this shop offers gifts and souvenirs themed on the attraction.
  • Inferno Shop: located at the exit of the Nemesis Inferno attraction, this shop offers gifts and souvenirs themed on the attraction.

Prepare Your Visit to Thorpe Park: Practical Information


Compare and get the best price by purchasing your tickets for Thorpe Park from one of our partners:

Thorpe Park

From 39.91 € (or £34)

From £34 (or 39.91 €)


Expect to pay between £35 and £55 per ticket depending on the season and the mode of booking. It's recommended to check the opening hours on the official website and book your tickets online for better rates.

Check the weather forecast before booking your tickets - the majority of attractions are outdoors and are closed in case of heavy rain. Also, plan waterproof and/or change of clothes for the water attractions!

Opening Hours

Thorpe Park is open all year round:

  • Every day from 10am to 5pm or 6pm depending on the season

The opening hours vary depending on the days and seasons, it's recommended to check the hours on the official park website.


To make the most of your visit, you can book 2-day tickets + 1 night at the Thorpe Shark Cabins or at one of the Thorpe Park partner hotels:

  • Starting at £70 per person
  • Breakfast included
  • Parking
  • Wifi
  • 10% discount at all park restaurants and souvenir shops

The Thorpe Shark Cabins are located on the shores of the park island, just a few minutes walk from the rides.

Some cabins are adapted for persons with reduced mobility (PRM).

The most economical option is to spend the night in an external hotel located in the immediate vicinity of the park.


Most of Thorpe Park's attractions are wheelchair accessible. The park has toilets and parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility (PRM) and allows the entry of guide dogs.

Passes are also offered to avoid queues - don't hesitate to ask the park staff if needed!

Wheelchairs are also available for rental (with a deposit of £50).

Getting to Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is located 32 km southwest of central London: Staines Rd, KT16 8PN, Chertsey.

To get there, 4 options:

  • By car: take the M25 from the capital, exit at junction 11 (or 13) and follow the A320 to the park.
  • There is a paid car park (£7) at the entrance of the park. Parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility are also available closest to the entrance.
  • By train:
    • South West Trains: from Waterloo station towards Staines station, then take the 950 Express bus that will take you to the park (departure every 15-20 minutes).
    • There are about 5 trains per hour departing from London. The journey takes 30 to 50 minutes.
    • It's also possible to reach Staines station from Reading (about 45 minutes journey), Weybridge (about 30 minutes journey) and Windsor & Eton Riverside (about 15 minutes journey).
  • By bus: Staines bus station is located in the Elmsleigh shopping center (5 minutes walk from Staines train station). All buses to Thorpe Park depart from stand 2.
    • 950 Express: from Staines train or bus station to Thorpe Park:
      • Adult: £2.70 one way or £3.70 return
      • Child (5 to 12 years old): £2.20 one way or £2.70 return
      • Child under 4 years old: free
    • You can also take the buses 950, 461 or 446.
  • By bike: there are different cycling routes from the towns of Staines and Weybridge & Chertsey to get to Thorpe Park by bike.


Ready for an adrenaline-filled getaway? Then, get ready to explore Thorpe Park Resort! Feel free to share this article with your friends and plan your visit today.

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