How do i get to the Seven Sisters Cliffs?

How do i get to the Seven Sisters Cliffs?

Located in the South Downs National Park - between the towns of Brighton and Eastbourne, Sussex, England - Seven Sisters Country Park is a 280 hectare nature park, mainly known for its white chalk cliffs which stretch along the English Channel.

To the Seven Sisters - in order to blend in better with the landscape - the iconic red UK phone boxes have been painted green!


Visit the Natural Park and the Seven Sisters Cliffs

The Seven Sisters cliffs start east of the pebble beach of Cuckmere Haven, they count 8 hills :

  • Short Bottom
  • Limekiln Bottom
  • Rough Bottom
  • Gap Bottom
  • Flagstaff Bottom
  • Flathill Bottom
  • Michel Dean

The 8th - formed by erosion by the sea - has no name.

And 8 vertices :

  • Haven Brow
  • Short Brow
  • Rough Brow
  • Brass Point
  • Flagstaff Point
  • Flat Hill
  • Baily's Hill
  • Went Hill Brow

East of the last peak is Birling Gap, on top of the following hill: the lighthouse Belle Tout - and finally: Beachy Head. A second lighthouse, in the water, marks the end of the cliffs.

Check the weather forecast before scheduling your visit - the paths quickly become muddy and impassable in rain.

Find hiking trail maps and more practical information on the official website of the Seven Sisters Natural Park.

How to get to the Seven Sisters Natural Park and Cliffs?

To access the Seven Sisters Natural Park and Cliffs from Birling Gap, 3 options :

  • The train
    • From London : From Victoria station towards Eastbourne or Brighton.
    • Travel time: to Eastbourne or Brighton: around 1h30.
  • The bus
    • From Eastbourne or Brighton : line 12, 12A or 12X to Chyngton Lane station.
    • Near the bus stop, a path (which quickly turns into a paved road) - called Chyngton Lane - gives access to the natural park and cliffs of Seven Sisters.
    • Check out the bus timetables in upstream.
    • Travel time:
      • From Eastbourne: around 15 min.
      • From Brighton Station: around 1 hour.
  • The car
    • Departing from London, Eastbourne or Brighton : to the car park at Birling Gap, BN20 0AB, Eastbourne .
    • There is a charge for the Birling Gap car park: £5 per day.
    • Travel time:
      • From London: around 2 hours.
      • From Eastbourne: around 15 min.
      • From Brighton: around 45min.

Next to the Birling Gap parking lot is a café, souvenir shop and access to pebble beach at Cuckmere Haven .

Halfway to Beachy Head - the tallest chalk cliff in the UK (162m) - is the lighthouse Belle Tout, built in the 19th century and now converted into guest rooms. There you will find toilets as well as bottled water, drinks and other delicacies.

The distance between the Birling Gap car park and Beachy Head is 6km, or 12km round trip. There are plenty of benches along the way - take the time to stop for a break, admire the scenery and / or have a picnic.

Bring comfortable shoes - and if the sun is out: bottle of water, sunscreen, swimsuit, cap and sunglasses!

You may also choose to start your excursion from Seven Sisters Country Park - 5km west of Beachy Head.

Activities and guided tours of the Seven Sisters Nature Park and Cliffs

Many activities are offered in the Seven Sisters natural park: canoeing, stand-up paddle, walks by boat, etc.

Get Your Guide offers organised excursions - in groups of 10/15 people - with English speaking guides:




Find more information on the activities offered on the official website of the national park from South Downs.

The history of the Seven Sisters Nature Park and Cliffs

The Seven Sisters Natural Park owes its name to a time when 7 sisters would each have built their home between the 8 seaside hills.

In the legend of the Pleiades, in Greek mythology, these 7 sisters were nymphs linked to Artemis: protective goddess of roads and ports - living in woods and mountains.

Close to the Natural Park and the Seven Sisters Cliffs

Take advantage of your excursion to the Seven Sisters to visit:

  • The city of Brighton
  • The town of Eastbourne