How to furnish my apartment at a low price?

How to furnish my apartment at a low price?

Discover below all our tips and good addresses to furnish your apartment at a low price.

Buy second-hand

AllTrippers classifieds

The AllTrippers platform offers you the feature Classified ads - including the categories Home & garden (furniture, appliances, crockery, decoration, linens, etc.) and Multimedia (televisions, telephones, computers, cameras, hifi, etc.).


Viewing and posting classified ads on the AllTrippers platform is completely free!

Other classifieds sites

Other sites and mobile apps - like Gumtree, Shpock or the Facebook marketplace for the best known - also specializes in putting UK classifieds online.

Charity shops

charity shops are thrift stores supplied by donations of second-hand goods from individuals - and operated by organizations that raise funds for various charities.

Discover our map of the best charity shops in London!

Buy new

If you are not yet a fan of the second-hand market, some big brands are famous for their low prices: