A horror movie to recommend?

A horror movie to recommend?

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Below is a selection of the best horror movies to watch on Halloween night: from the most cult to the funniest, including the most gores - the AllTrippers team wish you a good night!

The most cult

Films to watch at least once in your life!


The most politicized

These films that are relevant to the news or make us think about our society:

Little preference for The Purge: Anarchy!

The most disturbing

Sensitive souls refrain! These films will not leave you indifferent…

The most gory

Hemoglobin and torture galore, these films will make you miss your breakfast!

  • Hostel - by Eli Roth (2005)
  • Saw - by James Wan (2004)

The funniest

Mixing horror and humor is not impossible, the proof with these films:

The strangest

Screenplay or production, these films have a little something different!

The most aesthetic

Atmosphere, photography or music, these poetic (and scary!) films will transport you:

Bonus: the general public

Films to watch with the family: