What to see and do at Puy du Fou?

What to see and do at Puy du Fou?

Located in the heart of Vendée, the Puy du Fou is a unique theme park in France, and has been awarded as the "Best theme park in the world". Combining history, culture, and entertainment, it offers an unparalleled experience to its visitors.

The new 2024 season, which runs from March 30 to November 3, promises once again breathtaking shows and memorable adventures. In this article, we explore the new features, flagship shows, and share some practical tips for planning your visit to Puy du Fou in 2024.

The popularity of the park continues to grow, as evidenced by the record of 2.5 million visitors during the 2023 season, making this destination the third most visited in France.

What's new in 2024

The 36th season of Puy du Fou in 2024 is already shaping up to be a legendary year for the Vendée park, thanks to the arrival of new attractions, unprecedented shows and events that promise to take visitors on an emotional and visual journey through history. Here are some of the highlights of the 2024 season:

La Frairie de la Toussaint

"La Frairie de la Toussaint" is the latest ephemeral wonder introduced by Puy du Fou, offering visitors a spectacular immersion in the grandeur of the French Renaissance. This unique night show, which takes place during the All Saints' holidays, combines the magic of the night with a richly documented festive and historical atmosphere.

As night falls, the magic begins. A huge procession, worthy of the greatest royal celebrations, crosses the park's paths and villages, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The meticulously reconstructed royal carriages parade elegantly, pulled by plumed horses galloping to the rhythm of period music.

The highlight of this parade is the spectacular entrance of Francis I and his 300 guests, from the six provinces of France. Their majestic and theatrical arrival is a tribute to the grandeur of the French royal court. The sumptuous costumes, finely crafted dialogues and careful staging transport visitors to the heart of a royal feast.


Music plays a pivotal role in "La Frairie de la Toussaint". Renaissance melodies, performed by musicians in period costume, create an authentic soundtrack that perfectly accompanies the unfolding of the show. The dancers, with their precise and elegant choreographies, add a touch of grace and harmony, echoing the balls and festivities of the time.

The show offers a faithful historical reenactment, allowing visitors to relive the splendor and exuberance of the French Renaissance. The interaction between historical characters, musicians, dancers and spectators creates a participative and memorable experience.

The lighting effects and sumptuous decors contribute to the magical atmosphere of "La Frairie de la Toussaint", making each performance an unforgettable moment.

Puy du Fou, through "La Frairie de la Toussaint", once again offers a unique and educational experience, allowing visitors to cross the veil of time and celebrate French history in a festive and convivial atmosphere.

Le Mime et L'Étoile

The show "Le Mime et L'Étoile" offers a nostalgic and innovative dive into the golden age of silent cinema, while presenting an artistic reflection on the evolution of the seventh art. Through the character of Gérard Bideau, a passionate and visionary director, the show explores the poignant and creative transition from silent cinema to talking cinema, a pivotal era in film history.

The show's decor evokes the atmosphere of 1920s film studios, with its retro cameras, projectors, and meticulously reconstructed sets. The staging is dynamic and inventive, reflecting the effervescence and innovation that characterized this revolutionary period.

The technological feats of the show are remarkable. Modern projection techniques and careful special effects bring Gérard Bideau's aspirations and dreams to life, creating an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and futuristic. The shooting sequences, with actors performing millimeter-precise choreographies, recreate the effervescence of the shooting sets of the time.

The jazzy music, emblematic of this transition period, perfectly accompanies the rhythm of the show. It underscores the creative energy of the director and the artistic effervescence of the era. The dance numbers, precisely choreographed, add an emotional and aesthetic dimension, creating moments of pure emotion.

The show also explores non-verbal communication through the character of the mime, who expresses his emotions and tells stories without uttering a single word, recalling the magic of silent cinema.

"Le Mime et L'Étoile" is a celebration of the creativity, innovation and passion that animate the world of cinema. It is an enriching experience that awakens the senses, captivates hearts, and invites reflection on the essence of artistic expression and the timeless magic of cinema.

The show stands out for its originality, emotional depth and ability to link the past and present, thus offering visitors a memorable experience and a renewed appreciation of the art of filmmaking.

Although this show was introduced in 2023, it continues to be one of the major attractions in 2024.

Technological and choreographic innovations

The 2024 season marks a new milestone in technological and choreographic innovation at Puy du Fou, thus reinforcing its reputation as a leader in the themed entertainment industry. The shows offered this season reflect a harmonious fusion between cutting-edge technology and artistic excellence.

The advanced technologies adopted in the shows allow for stunning visual and sound effects that transport visitors to another world. For example, the use of projection mapping, illuminated drones, synchronized pyrotechnic effects, and immersive sound systems, enrich the visual and auditory experience of the shows.

In "Le Mime et L'Étoile", technological innovations allow for the recreation of the atmosphere of 1920s film studios while integrating modern elements. Dynamic projections, light effects, and sophisticated sound systems contribute to a unique staging that shakes up the codes of live performance.

"La Frairie de la Toussaint" also benefits from technological advances to make the historical reenactment even more authentic and immersive. Light effects, projections on 3D structures, and spatialized sound systems create a magical and historically faithful atmosphere.

On the choreography side, Puy du Fou continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression. Precise and creative choreographies blend dance, acrobatics, and stage performance, creating visually impressive and emotionally touching sequences. Dancers and actors, through rigorous rehearsals, present synchronized performances that tell poignant stories through movement.

The harmonious integration of technology and choreographic arts allows Puy du Fou to offer increasingly captivating and emotionally rich shows. These innovations reinforce the park's ability to surprise and amaze its audience, while offering a deep educational and cultural experience.

The 2024 season, by integrating these innovations, offers visitors a unique experience, blending the past and the present, history and modernity, in a vibrant celebration of live performance.

Puy du Fou

From 33 € (or £28.20)

From £28.20 (or 33 €)

These novelties for the 2024 season consolidate Puy du Fou's reputation as a must-visit destination for lovers of history, culture, and grandiose shows.

Flagship shows

The Puy du Fou is renowned for its stunning shows that transport visitors through different eras of history. Here are some of the flagship shows that continue to enchant visitors in 2024:

Le Signe du Triomphe

The show "Le Signe du Triomphe" propels visitors into the heart of the effervescence of a grandiose Roman arena, reproduced with impressive historical accuracy. From the moment you enter the arena, the electric atmosphere is palpable, the cries of the spectators, the trumpet blasts and drum rolls create a thrilling atmosphere.

Gallo-Roman Stadium at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

The gladiator fights are the first act of this journey through time. The rigorously trained actors demonstrate impressive mastery of hand-to-hand combat and weapons of the time. Their dexterity and courage shine through in every move, every parry, and every attack, highlighting the combative spirit of the gladiators of antiquity.

The mythical chariot race is a breathtaking sequence. The charioteers compete in speed and skill, in a whirlwind of dust and clamor, offering a frenzied race spectacle that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The realism of the race and the palpable tension illustrate the audacity and skill required to master the chariots launched at full speed.

Chariot race at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

The highlight of the show is the spectacular final test. In a breathtaking turn of events, ingenious mechanisms allow the arena to transform to reveal a gigantic imperial galley 40 meters long and 15 meters high. This revelation surprises and fascinates, setting the stage for an epic naval battle. The water effects, controlled explosions, and the realism of the sea battles amaze the spectators.

The costumes faithful to the era, the carefully orchestrated special effects, and the authentic performance of the actors contribute to creating an immersive experience. They transport visitors to Roman antiquity, allowing them to experience, for the duration of a show, the grandeur and bravery of the heroes of this distant era.

"Le Signe du Triomphe" is a brilliant illustration of the Puy du Fou's commitment to offering authentic historical experiences. It is a spectacular celebration of human courage and Roman history that leaves a lasting impression on visitors, enriching their appreciation of history and ancient cultures.

Mousquetaire de Richelieu

The show "Mousquetaire de Richelieu" at the Puy du Fou is a stunning immersion into a romantic adventure of cloak and sword.

Immersed in the majestic setting of a monumental 17th-century theater, the "Mousquetaire de Richelieu" show promises an emotional and exhilarating adventure. As soon as the curtain rises, the audience is plunged into an epic where love and honor cross swords. At the request of the Cardinal de Richelieu, the play The Cid by Corneille is performed, but it is interrupted by swordsmen who want to capture the lead actress, Serafina. Fortunately, Bouton d'Or, a valiant defender, is there to try to save his beloved, thus creating the beginning of an epic adventure in the heart of the Grand Siècle.

The musketeer duels punctuate the adventure, skillfully blending the art of fencing with passionate flamenco choreographies. The equestrian feats add a spectacular dimension to the combat scenes, demonstrating the agility and complicity between the riders and their mounts. In particular, one of the major scenes of the show features three horses moving freely on stage, a moment of grace made possible by the meticulous work and complicity between the caregivers and the park's horses.

The staging of the show is enhanced by stunning special effects. The Grand Carrousel, an oversized theater equipped with the largest stage curtain in the world, is a real showcase for this adventure, blending the charm of 17th-century theaters with the gigantism characteristic of the Puy du Fou. The water and light effects, the gigantic mobile sets, and the period costumes help transport the audience into the romantic and tumultuous universe of this historical period.

With a duration of 32 minutes, the show is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, thus offering entertainment suitable for all ages. The "Mousquetaire de Richelieu" show is an ode to adventure, bravery, and love, depicting with passion and authenticity the tumults of the Grand Siècle.

Les Vikings

"Les Vikings" is an epic show that immerses spectators in the year 1000, a time of conquests and explorations.

Spectators witness a dramatic event in the peaceful village of Saint Philbert le Vieil. As the village is bustling for the wedding of Sybèle and Aldéric, fierce Viking warriors unexpectedly emerge on impressive drakkars, amidst gigantic flames, with the intention of pillaging the village. The battle intensifies at the foot of an imposing feudal mound, with a deluge of stunts and special effects. Only a miracle could save the villagers from the fury of the formidable attackers.

Drakkar of the show "Les Vikings" at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

Backed by the centenary forest of Puy du Fou, the majestic setting, created from authentic materials, is a perfect setting for the adventure that unfolds there. The staging is grandiose with a towering 22-meter high tower dominating the landscape, giant flames erupting, imposing 20-meter long drakkars that seem to sail on water, and underwater waterfalls that amaze the audience. The atmosphere is charged with the energy of Viking battles, conquests and discoveries, skillfully blending the thrill of adventure with the breath of history.

Show "Les Vikings" at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

The stunning special effects, enchanting music, and the performance of the actors and stuntmen contribute to making the show "Les Vikings" an unforgettable experience, a journey both educational and spectacular in time, offering a vivid and exhilarating vision of the High Middle Ages.

The show "Les Vikings" is a remarkable example of the creativity and ingenuity of Puy du Fou.

The show lasts 26 minutes and can accommodate up to 3000 visitors at each performance.

La Cinéscénie

"La Cinéscénie" is more than a show, it's a living fresco that majestically depicts the history of Vendée. As soon as night falls on Puy du Fou, spectators are transported through time thanks to grandiose scenographies and stunning special effects.

The collective performance is at the heart of this show, with the participation of more than 4,500 volunteers. These passionate actors, from all walks of life, bring to life historical characters and iconic scenes from local history. They authentically and fervently embody the heroes of Vendée through the ages, from the medieval period to the revolutionary episodes.

The staging is a technical and artistic feat. The precise and varied light effects create different atmospheres, amplifying the emotion of each scene. The enchanting music, composed specifically for the show, perfectly accompanies the narration and enhances immersion in the story. The choreographies and group movements are orchestrated with millimeter precision, creating living tableaux that remain etched in the memory of spectators.

The narration is another strong point of "La Cinéscénie". It is both educational and moving, allowing visitors to understand historical issues while feeling an emotional connection with the characters and events represented.

"La Cinéscénie" is a unique experience, an emotional and visual journey that permeates the minds of visitors long after the end of the performance, leaving them with an indelible memory of their visit to Puy du Fou.

The success and unwavering popularity of « La Cinéscénie » are manifested each year with more than 350,000 tickets put on sale, often sold in record time. This show has become an institution, an annual event awaited by many, and remains a local and national pride.

Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes

"Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes" is a poetic ode to freedom and the bond between man and nature, presented in the lush surroundings of Puy du Fou. From the very first moments of the show, an atmosphere of mystery and beauty settles in, preparing the audience for an unforgettable aerial ballet.

The performance begins with the simultaneous flight of hundreds of birds of different species, creating a living tableau in the sky. The park's falconers, dressed in medieval costumes, orchestrate this aerial choreography with perfect mastery, demonstrating an astonishing symbiosis between man and bird. Each movement, each flight and each landing is precisely synchronized, creating a harmonious aerial dance.

Show "Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes" at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

The enchanting music, composed especially for the show, accompanies each wing beat, each turn in the sky, enriching the visual and emotional experience. It transports the spectators to another world, where the beauty of nature and harmony reign supreme.

The interaction between the falconers and the birds is a key element of the show. The mutual trust and complicity that emanate from their exchanges captivate the audience, testifying to the special relationship developed between them through years of practice and care.

The natural setting of Puy du Fou adds an extra dimension to this show. The surrounding greenery, the old stones and the open sky form an idyllic natural backdrop for this spectacle. The birds evolve freely in this space, highlighting the majesty and freedom of nature.

Falconer of the show "Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes" at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

The pure beauty and poetry of this show touch the hearts of the spectators, awaken their senses and leave them with an indelible memory of the splendor and harmony of the natural world.

"Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes" is a transcendent experience that perfectly illustrates Puy du Fou's commitment to celebrating nature and history through shows of exceptional quality.

Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde

In an enchanting setting reminiscent of the mystical forests and majestic castles of legendary Brittany, the show "Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde" invites spectators on a epic journey into the adventures of King Arthur and his knights. From the first minutes, the ingenious staging and breathtaking special effects captivate attention, creating a magical and heroic atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the show is undoubtedly the ascent of Excalibur, where the legendary sword of King Arthur is removed from the stone under the astonished eyes of the spectators. This scene, charged with emotion and symbolism, is enhanced by light and sound effects that reinforce the mystical aspect of the moment.

The adventures of the Knights of the Round Table, faithful companions of King Arthur, are also brilliantly staged. Their relentless quest for the Grail, the sacred vessel, leads them through perilous adventures, fierce battles and tests of faith. The choreography of the fights, notably the equestrian feats and sword duels, is executed with precision and mastery that reflect the excellence of the artists and horses of Puy du Fou.

The magic of the Arthurian legend is enhanced by an enchanting soundtrack, costumes and sets faithful to the medieval era. The dialogues, tinged with humor and nobility, as well as the interactions between the characters, bring a human and warm dimension to the show.

Show "Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde" at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

"Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde" is more than a show, it's an epic and emotional adventure that touches the hearts of spectators, inviting them to reflect on the themes of friendship, courage and the quest for the ideal. It's a unique experience that awakens the imagination and resonates the heroism and magic of the Arthurian legend in everyone's heart.

Le Secret de la Lance

The show "Le Secret de la Lance" is an unmissable event at Puy du Fou, immersing spectators in the 15th century during the Hundred Years' War.

In "Le Secret de la Lance", the audience is transported into the heart of the Middle Ages, a tumultuous time marked by the Hundred Years' War. The costumes and grandiose decor faithfully recreate this historical period, immersing spectators in an authentic medieval atmosphere.

Knight from the show "Le Secret de la Lance" at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

The plot follows a young shepherdess left alone in a castle. To protect the castle's ramparts, she must unlock the secret of a lance with fantastic powers. This scenario leads spectators on an epic adventure where courage and cunning are necessary to overcome challenges.

The show is punctuated by a series of impressive stunts and special effects, adding a dose of adrenaline to the experience. These spectacular elements contribute to making this show a lively and captivating performance.

Show "Le Secret de la Lance" at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

The staging is enhanced by the immensity of the decor which, combined with the Middle Ages costumes, literally transports the audience into the heart of the Hundred Years' War. Every detail of the decor is designed to enhance immersion and offer a memorable experience.

This show is a beautiful illustration of Puy du Fou's commitment to offering immersive and educational experiences to its visitors.

Puy du Fou

From 33 € (or £28.20)

From £28.20 (or 33 €)

These shows illustrate Puy du Fou's commitment to offering memorable experiences to its visitors, making the park a preferred destination for families, groups of friends, and history enthusiasts.

Immersive experience

Knight at Puy du Fou (Vendée, France)

Puy du Fou is more than a traditional amusement park; it's a time capsule that offers a deep immersion into various historical periods. Here's how the park manages to transcend time and offer a unique experience to its visitors:

Period villages

The period villages of Puy du Fou are living treasures of history, meticulously recreated to offer a deep immersion into different historical periods.

Each village is an architectural masterpiece, faithfully reproducing the styles and construction techniques specific to each era. Whether it's the thatched roofs of the medieval village, the ornate facades of the 1900 town, the austere robustness of the fort of the year 1000, or the rustic exoticism of the Viking village, every architectural detail is carefully crafted to reflect historical authenticity.

The atmosphere of each village is carefully cultivated to transport visitors back in time. The sounds, lighting, everyday objects, and even smells contribute to creating a complete sensory experience. The cobblestone streets, wooden signs, forge fires, and medicinal gardens, everything is designed to evoke the essence of the represented era.

The artisans in period costumes are not mere extras, but enthusiasts who truly master the traditional crafts they present. Whether it's blacksmithing, pottery, carpentry, or baking, they demonstrate ancestral techniques with real expertise, offering visitors a lively and educational demonstration.

Interactions with the artisans offer a unique learning opportunity. Visitors can ask questions, discover tools and techniques, and even try out some crafts under supervision. This makes the experience educational and interactive, allowing for a deeper appreciation of the skills and challenges of everyday life in the past.

Each village also offers animations and special events that enrich the immersion. Street shows, combat demonstrations, craft workshops, and festive celebrations bring the villages to life and allow visitors to actively participate in historical reenactment.


Through these period villages, Puy du Fou does not just show history, it invites visitors to fully live it, thus offering an immersive and educational experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Thematic hotels

The park's 6 thematic hotels extend the immersive experience by offering accommodations that reflect different eras. From the Camp du Drap d'Or to the Logis de Lescure, each hotel has its own ambiance and offers a dive into history even at night.

These hotels are designed to extend the journey through time long after the park lights have gone out. They offer a unique accommodation experience, where every detail is thought out to recreate the atmosphere of bygone eras.

The architectural design of each hotel is the result of extensive research to ensure historical authenticity. The architectural styles, the materials used, and the ornaments are faithful to the represented eras. From the Renaissance refinement of the Camp du Drap d'Or to the rustic elegance of the Logis de Lescure, each hotel is a work of art in itself.

The furniture and interior decoration of the hotels are carefully chosen to match the styles of the era. The tapestries, furniture, lighting fixtures, and even the dishes used for room service, everything contributes to creating an ambiance that evokes the past.

The immersive experience continues with animations and exclusive shows offered in some hotels. Dinner shows, storytellers, or even thematic guided tours allow visitors to immerse themselves even deeper into history.

The hotel staff, in period costume, play a key role in the immersive experience. Their warm welcome, their knowledge of the era they represent, and their availability to share historical anecdotes enrich the visitors' experience.

The services offered are also in line with the theme of each hotel. Whether it's a medieval breakfast, candlelit room service, or workshops introducing local history, the thematic hotels of Puy du Fou go beyond simple accommodation to offer a rewarding and memorable experience.

The nighttime atmosphere is particularly cared for to ensure continuous immersion. The dim lighting, period background music, and nighttime animations create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and daydreaming, allowing visitors to escape into time even at night.


The thematic hotels of Puy du Fou offer much more than a simple place to rest, they invite visitors to continue their journey through the ages, making each stay a continuous historical adventure.

Restaurants and shops

The dining and shops at Puy du Fou are essential elements of the overall experience offered to visitors.

The park's 25 restaurants and bars strive to recreate the gastronomic essence of the eras represented. From fast food to traditional Vendée cuisine, the menus are carefully crafted to offer a palette of authentic flavors, transporting visitors' palates through time. The dishes, inspired by traditional recipes, are prepared with quality ingredients, reflecting the culinary richness of historical periods.

The ambiance of each restaurant and shop is finely crafted to match the era it represents. The decor, furnishings, staff costumes, and even the presentation of dishes and products, everything is in harmony with the historical theme. Traditional signs, candle lighting, and ambient music contribute to the immersive atmosphere.

The park's shops are windows open to the past, offering a range of handcrafted products and souvenirs inspired by the eras represented. Whether it's replicas of historical objects, costumes, period jewelry or local products, each item has been selected or created to evoke history and allow visitors to take a piece of Puy du Fou home with them.

The restaurants also offer themed culinary experiences, such as medieval banquets or candlelit dinners, allowing visitors to taste period dishes in an authentic setting. Entertainment, such as troubadours or culinary demonstrations, enrich the gastronomic experience.

In some shops, visitors can discover local crafts with live demonstrations of traditional techniques. This is an opportunity for them to learn about the trades of yesteryear and appreciate the craftsmanship of artisans.

Dining and shopping are also vectors of education, with information on culinary traditions, ancient trades, and historical objects. They allow visitors to enrich themselves culturally while savoring delicious dishes and exploring authentic products.


In short, the dining and shops at Puy du Fou are not just places of consumption, but extensions of the historical adventure, enriching the visitor experience at every moment.

Entertainment and workshops

The animations and workshops at Puy du Fou are privileged opportunities for visitors to actively immerse themselves in history while having fun.


The animations and workshops cover a wide variety of themes and old trades. Whether it's crafts, music, dance, military arts, or cooking, each workshop is an invitation to explore the rich cultural heritage of bygone eras.

The workshops are led by passionate experts and craftsmen, who master traditional techniques and are eager to share their knowledge and passion with visitors. Their enthusiasm and expertise contribute to making each workshop informative and captivating.

The animations encourage interaction and active participation from visitors. They can try medieval musical instruments, learn period dance steps, or even get started in craft trades under the guidance of the animators.

The live demonstrations allow visitors to see the craftsmen at work, whether in the forge, carpentry, or bakery. These demonstrations offer a fascinating insight into traditional know-how and the daily life of past eras.

The animations and workshops have a strong educational dimension, providing a historical and cultural context to the techniques and traditions presented. They allow visitors to understand the evolution of trades, technologies, and arts through the ages.

The festive and friendly atmosphere of the workshops and animations makes learning fun and enjoyable. Street shows, musicians, dancers, and actors in period costume add to the joy and wonder, creating memorable memories for visitors.

Some workshops also offer the opportunity to create memories. Visitors can, for example, make craft objects that they can take home as a souvenir of their time travel at Puy du Fou.


Through the animations and workshops, the Puy du Fou offers a platform for exploration and discovery, enriching the visit with practical learning and memorable experiences.

Puy du Fou

From 33 € (or £28.20)

From £28.20 (or 33 €)

All these elements, meticulously orchestrated, make the Puy du Fou a real time machine, offering a complete immersive experience where learning, entertainment, and wonder go hand in hand. The meticulous attention to detail and commitment to historical authenticity allow visitors to live an unforgettable adventure through the ages.

Practical tips

Planning your visit to Puy du Fou requires some organization to fully enjoy everything the park has to offer. Here are some practical tips for the 2024 season:

  1. Ticket reservation: it is strongly advised to book your tickets in advance, especially for very popular shows like "La Cinéscénie".
  2. Accommodation: also book your accommodation in advance, especially if you want to stay in one of the park's themed hotels. In case of unavailability, Puy du Fou has partnerships with 50 hotels in the surrounding area.
  3. Food and drink: the park offers a variety of restaurants and bars. However, in high season, there may be a wait. Consider booking your table or eating outside peak hours.
  4. Puy du Fou mobile app: download the official Puy du Fou mobile app to access the park map, show schedules and other useful real-time information.
  5. Clothing and accessories: plan to wear comfortable clothes suitable for the weather. An umbrella, sunglasses and sunscreen can also be useful.
  6. Arrive early: arrive early to make the most of your day, especially in high season when the park can be very busy.

Puy du Fou

From 33 € (or £28.20)

From £28.20 (or 33 €)

With good preparation, your visit to Puy du Fou will be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Practical services

Puy du Fou strives to offer a comfortable and serene experience to all its visitors. Services such as lockers, picnic areas, baby spaces, and first aid points are available to ensure optimal comfort during the visit.

  • Lockers: secure lockers are available at the entrance of the park to allow visitors to deposit their personal belongings and fully enjoy their day without encumbrance.
  • Picnic areas: pleasant and shaded picnic areas are set up at various locations in the park, offering a relaxation space where families can eat outdoors.
  • Baby spaces: well-equipped baby spaces are located at strategic points in the park. They offer a quiet place to change babies, breastfeed and feed them, with all the necessary comfort and privacy.
  • First aid points: first aid points are present in the park, with qualified staff ready to intervene if needed. They are equipped to provide basic care and manage emergencies while waiting for the intervention of rescue services.
  • Stroller rental: a stroller rental service is offered to facilitate the visit of families with young children. The strollers are comfortable and suitable for different ages.
  • Free Wi-Fi: free Wi-Fi access is available in certain areas of the park, allowing visitors to stay connected and share their experience in real time.

With this range of practical services, Puy du Fou ensures that every moment spent in the park is enjoyable and hassle-free. Whether it's for a family meal break, a quick internet connection, or prompt medical help, everything is designed to meet the needs of visitors and enrich their experience.


Puy du Fou is committed to providing an experience that is accessible to all. The park is accessible to people with reduced mobility and offers tailored services such as wheelchair rental and reserved seating in the stands for shows.

  • Wheelchair rental: a wheelchair rental service is available to facilitate the mobility of visitors with reduced mobility throughout the park.
  • Reserved seating: reserved seating is arranged in the stands for shows to ensure good visibility and comfort for people with reduced mobility and their companions.
  • Adapted signage: clear and adapted signage is in place to guide visitors with reduced mobility towards the adapted accesses, reserved seating, and specific services.
  • Adapted toilets: adapted toilets are available throughout the park, equipped to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility.
  • Personalized assistance: upon request, personalized assistance can be provided to help visitors with reduced mobility plan their visit and access shows and attractions.
  • Assistance dogs: assistance dogs are welcome at Puy du Fou and can accompany their owners in most areas of the park.

Thus, Puy du Fou is committed to providing a pleasant and accessible experience for all, regardless of their abilities.


The 2024 season of Puy du Fou, which runs from March 30 to November 3, promises to be a new fascinating adventure for visitors. With its unique shows, spectacular staging, and faithfully reconstructed period villages, the park continues to shake up the codes of live entertainment while offering an immersive experience in the history of France. Whether you are a regular visitor or a newcomer, Puy du Fou has some wonderful surprises and unforgettable moments in store for you.

Puy du Fou

From 33 € (or £28.20)

From £28.20 (or 33 €)

Don't miss the opportunity to live or relive the unique experience of Puy du Fou in 2024! Reservations are already open and it is strongly advised to book your tickets and accommodation in advance to fully enjoy your visit. For more information, visit the official Puy du Fou website.