What to see and do at Futuroscope?

What to see and do at Futuroscope?

In the heart of Vienne, Futuroscope stands out as a theme park unlike any other, merging fun, cutting-edge technology, and education into a unique experience.

In 2023, the park reinvents itself with new features that promise to fascinate both young and old. From the immersive adventure "Étincelle: the Curse of the Black Opal" to the ambitious vision of sustainable development, Futuroscope consolidates its place among the must-visit destinations for a family or friends outing.


From 42 € (or £35.90)

From £35.90 (or 42 €)

Discover what makes this year particularly electrifying at Futuroscope.

What's new in 2023: innovation at the heart of the experience

Étincelle: the Curse of the Black Opal

"Étincelle: the Curse of the Black Opal" transcends the idea of a traditional attraction, offering visitors a total immersion in a captivating superhero story. Visitors are invited to fight alongside Étincelle, a young museum supervisor, thrust into a quest to become a superheroine, and save Paris against a formidable adversary escaped from a comic strip. All in a fantastic Paris where a powerful Black Opal is hidden at the top of the Eiffel Tower.


The result of a significant investment of 2.8 million euros as part of a large-scale project to reinvent Futuroscope, this 4D experience stands out with an unprecedented realization. It combines live-action shots and cutting-edge animation, on a dynamic platform equipped with the latest technologies in special effects, 3D projections, lasers, and immersive sound quality. It's a production that celebrates French narrative heritage, while fitting into a technological modernity that is the signature of Futuroscope.

Upon entering the attraction "Étincelle: the Curse of the Black Opal", the visitor does not just watch a story, they live it, feeling every twist of the plot with an intensity rarely achieved in theme park attractions. It's an adventure where every sense is solicited, promising an unforgettable experience that will leave a mark and make hearts beat, thus consolidating Futuroscope's reputation as a pioneer of innovation in family entertainment.

This attraction marks a turning point for Futuroscope, moving away from the old attraction based on the "Ice Age" franchise to embrace a strategy of valorizing French cultural heritage in terms of superheroes. This demonstrates the park's commitment to offering an experience that is not only entertaining but also rooted in deep storytelling and high-level technological production.

Ecolodgee: an eco-responsible hotel

At Futuroscope, the opening of the Ecolodgee hotel marks a new era in the world of thematic accommodation. Catering to visitors' desire to escape, relax and reconnect with nature, this second park hotel offers a strong environmental dimension. Located near the entrance of Futuroscope, the Ecolodgee consists of 120 wooden lodges scattered over a landscaped park of 3.8 hectares, adorned with a vast one-hectare lake and preserved islands to encourage biodiversity.

These spacious and bright lodges, built on stilts to minimize their footprint, have a master bedroom, a children's cabin, a living area and a bathroom with toilet. Covering an area of 27 m², they can accommodate up to 5 people. The large bay window and private wooden terrace offer a privileged view of the surrounding countryside. Aware of their negative impact on the environment, the lodges are devoid of air conditioning, instead benefiting from natural coolness thanks to the presence of water, the thermal performance of materials and roof hats, for a total immersion in natural tranquility.

The experience at the Ecolodgee hotel is designed for a complete immersion in nature, without the distractions of modern life. Thus, to encourage families to reconnect and fully enjoy nature, televisions have been deliberately omitted from the lodges' equipment. While strolling, visitors can cross the water via a monkey bridge, a ford, an inverted bridge or a dam, thus discovering new views of the hotel landscape.

The opening of the Station Cosmos hotel, a futuristic hotel with 80 starry rooms, has already been a remarkable success, displaying an average occupancy rate of 97% since its opening in spring 2022.


These innovations, along with the park's commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, reflect Futuroscope's desire to reconcile entertainment and environmental responsibility.

Flagship attractions: unique sensations and unprecedented discoveries

Dive into the heart of innovation and adventure with the flagship attractions of Futuroscope, where each experience is a gateway to worlds as surprising as they are enriching.

Tornado Chasers: at the heart of the elements

Futuroscope expands its horizon of adventures with "Tornado Chasers", an attraction that pushes the boundaries of innovation and immersion. This gripping odyssey gives visitors an active role: to become tornado chasers and immerse themselves in the power of a cyclone. The attraction begins with a thrilling race aboard an all-terrain vehicle alongside intrepid researchers, sharing their quest to understand and tame the raw force of nature.

Participants are then plunged into an unprecedented visual spectacle, surrounded by the largest circular LED screen in Europe. Revolutionary special effects and live scenes combine with a dynamic platform that rises, falls, tilts and rotates, offering a unique experience in the world. Every sense is solicited to create a whirlwind of strong emotions, promising to leave each visitor breathless, ready to face the eye of the storm with audacity and excitement.

"Tornado Chasers" is not just a simple attraction; it's a test of courage and resilience, an adventure where the visitor, once out, will no longer be afraid of anything. It's the guarantee of an extreme adventure that makes Futuroscope a popular destination for those seeking unforgettable thrills.

"Tornado Chasers" was awarded as the best global attraction in 2022.

Destination Mars: a space adventure

Futuroscope reinvents the space attraction experience with "Destination Mars", the park's first roller coaster dedicated to the conquest of space. After significant technical improvements, this adventure reopens its doors, inviting visitors to train like real astronauts. The attraction combines breathtaking special effects and cutting-edge technologies to simulate the conditions of a trip to Mars.

Passengers embark on a mission where they test their aptitude to travel in space, with sequences that reproduce the sensations of a takeoff, an orbit, and a Martian exploration. The improvements made to the flight, notably thanks to a unique propulsion system and wagons equipped with dynamic movements, guarantee a smoother, more realistic, and more exciting adventure than ever.

"Destination Mars" is not just a roller coaster, it's a window into the future of space exploration, designed to inspire and educate. It offers an immersive experience that goes beyond thrills, giving visitors the opportunity to learn while having fun. The combination of educational elements and immersive effects makes "Destination Mars" a landmark attraction of Futuroscope, and a must-see for space and adventure enthusiasts.

The Extraordinary Journey: a world tour

At Futuroscope, the attraction "The Extraordinary Journey" invites visitors to defy the laws of gravity and fly over the wonders of the world. Inspired by the famous novel by Jules Verne, this attraction is one of the most popular in the park, offering an unparalleled sensation of flight thanks to cutting-edge simulation technologies. Passengers, with their feet in the void, are propelled on a journey around the globe, discovering breathtaking landscapes, from the Taj Mahal to the Iguazú falls.

With the largest hemispherical screen in Europe, visitors are immersed in a 360-degree visual experience that awakens all the senses. The grandiose images, combined with wind, mist, and scent effects, transform this attraction into a true sensory odyssey. "The Extraordinary Journey" is more than just an aerial ride; it's an invitation to wonder and discovery that transcends borders and cultures.

This world tour experience, accessible to all from the age of 5, makes "The Extraordinary Journey" a family and educational adventure. It embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery that is at the heart of the Futuroscope experience, making the park a must-see for those seeking both education and escape.

The Key to Dreams: a dreamlike odyssey

Futuroscope presents "The Key to Dreams", an experience that opens the doors to a universe where dreams come to life. This one-of-a-kind attraction offers an immersive exploration into the world of dreams, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Visitors are invited on a sensory journey into the heart of children's dreams, materialized by breathtaking projections and ingenious scenography.

The state-of-the-art projection technologies and enchanting decors of the show "The Key to Dreams" are enhanced by a poetic narration, guiding spectators through dreamlike landscapes bursting with color and light. Each scene is a living painting that invites escape and reflection, making this attraction a moving work of art. "The Key to Dreams" is not just an attraction; it's an emotional experience that touches the soul and awakens the imagination.

Designed to captivate both young and old, "The Key to Dreams" is a celebration of the magic of dreams and boundless creativity. It's a promise of shared moments and wonder for the whole family, reinforcing Futuroscope's position as a place where magic and technology meet to create unforgettable moments.

Dance with Robots: a frenzied rhythm

"Dance with Robots", a signature attraction of Futuroscope, boldly blends technology and entertainment. It's an invitation to join a futuristic dance floor, where giant robots take you on a dynamic choreography up to 7 meters high. Under the direction of famous DJ Martin Solveig, this experience offers two intensity levels: a gentle version for children and an adrenaline-filled version for thrill-seekers.

The interaction between the robots and participants creates an electrifying atmosphere, where every movement is synchronized with the captivating rhythms of the music. "Dance with Robots" is not just an attraction, it's an artistic and technical performance, a symphony of movement and sound that revolutionizes the very idea of dance and enjoyment.

Accessible to those measuring between 1.20 and 1.95 meters, "Dance with Robots" is designed to thrill a wide audience. The attraction represents the perfect balance between innovation and fun, placing Futuroscope at the forefront of theme parks.

"Dance with Robots" attraction at Futuroscope

The Time Machine: a meeting with the Raving Rabbids

"The Time Machine" at Futuroscope is not just an attraction, it's a crazy journey through the twists and turns of history, accompanied by the irreverent Raving Rabbids. Awarded the THEA Award for the "Best attraction in the world" in 2014, it combines humor and technology to offer an unforgettable family experience where the history of the world is revisited with biting humor.

Accessible to children measuring at least 0.90 meters, this attraction invites the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest, to learn and laugh together. For the smallest ones not meeting the height requirements, Futuroscope offers a "Young Children Solution"*, allowing the whole family to enjoy the attraction without exclusion.

In terms of accessibility, wheelchair users have reserved seats, ensuring that everyone can participate in this historical and hilarious adventure. However, for safety reasons, the attraction is not accessible to pregnant women and is not recommended for people with heart or back problems.

* If the child is too small to enter an attraction, the "Young Children Solution" allows parents to access it in turns by only queuing once.

The Raving Rabbids at Futuroscope

Arthur, the 4D adventure: a meeting with the Minimoys

Embark on "Arthur, the 4D adventure" and let yourself be transported by a magical ladybug through the wonderful world of Minimoys. This award-winning attraction, crowned "Best attraction in the world" by the THEA Award in 2011, combines four-dimensional effects for a total immersion in the enchanted universe created by Luc Besson.

Visitors of all ages, measuring at least 1.05 meters, can venture into this cinematic experience where augmented reality and physical sensations blend to bring nature to life in a breathtaking way.

"Arthur, the 4D adventure", is accessible to visitors in wheelchairs and offers accessibility solutions to ensure that everyone can enjoy this fantastic odyssey. However, to ensure everyone's safety, the attraction is not recommended for pregnant women or those with specific health problems.

Attraction "Arthur, the 4D adventure" at Futuroscope

Through Thomas Pesquet's eyes: an immersive space journey

Experience an extraordinary journey "Through Thomas Pesquet's eyes", a family attraction that transports you into space through the eyes of the youngest astronaut of the European Space Agency. This immersive experience uses IMAX® Laser 4K technology to project a spectacular view of Earth on the largest screen in Europe, capturing the fascinating details of Thomas Pesquet's space mission with breathtaking clarity.

The attraction is designed to appeal to the whole family and has no height restrictions, allowing everyone, regardless of age, to feel like an astronaut. Futuroscope also ensures accessibility for all, with reserved seats for visitors in wheelchairs, ensuring that no one misses this celestial adventure.

The Gyrotour: a breathtaking view

The Gyrotour is one of the iconic attractions of Futuroscope, offering a gentle and fascinating experience for the whole family. Climb aboard this circular observatory that slowly rises 45 meters above the ground, offering an exceptional panorama of the entire park and its surroundings, proving to be a particularly impressive experience in the evening.

The Gyrotour not only presents itself as an attraction, but also as a contemplative experience that allows you to see Futuroscope from a different angle and to gain perspective on the dynamics and extent of the site. It's a moment of calm and serenity above the hustle and bustle of the park, appreciated by both adults and children for the unique view it offers.

Without height restrictions, the Gyrotour is accessible to all.

It is important to note that, like any weather-dependent attraction, the Gyrotour can sometimes be closed for safety reasons, especially in case of extreme temperatures, ice, snow or strong winds. This precaution is taken to ensure the safety of all visitors, demonstrating Futuroscope's commitment to a visitor experience that is both enjoyable and safe.

The Gyrotour at Futuroscope

Future developments: an ambitious vision for 2025

The Futuroscope, with its gaze turned towards the future, is drawing up bold plans for 2025. In partnership with the Vienne Department, the park has initiated a multi-year investment plan of 300 million euros to transform itself into a true resort. This vision includes the creation of Aquascope, a futuristic water park combining water and digital for an unprecedented swimming experience. Envisioned to be a new flagship attraction, Aquascope will add a touch of freshness to the park's already rich offering.

Beyond Aquascope, the Futuroscope plans the opening of new major attractions, such as "Missions Bermuda", a water course planned for 2025. This indoor and outdoor course will offer a thrilling adventure with scenic routes, falls and accelerations, promising total immersion thanks to an innovative system developed in collaboration with Mack Rides.

In the spirit of constant renewal, the park is also investing in the updating of its existing facilities. For example, the night show "The Key to Dreams" has replaced "La Forge aux Étoiles", and has been distinguished by the Brass Ring Award for its innovative character.

The vision extends to the design of a 224,000 m² resort that will include, among other things, two themed hotels. The Station Cosmos hotel, which opened its doors in spring 2022, and the Ecolodgee hotel, opened in July 2023, which offers an immersive experience in the heart of nature, highlighting the Futuroscope's ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainable development.

Seasonal experiences


From 42 € (or £35.90)

From £35.90 (or 42 €)

Halloween at Futuroscope: Futuroween

From October 21 to November 5, 2023, Futuroscope transforms to celebrate Halloween with Futuroween, a season specially dedicated to families in search of thrills and laughter. During this period, the park comes alive with immersive decorations and creatures as amusing as they are frightening, such as Dr Froussard and his scary creatures who sneak between the alleys to surprise visitors. The presence of the Raving Rabbids from the morning adds to the joyfully terrifying atmosphere.

The park is adorned with thousands of pumpkins, from local agriculture, which will subsequently be cooked on site or given to associations, in an anti-waste approach. Visitors can also expect smoke shows and ephemeral decorations, all accompanied by a soundtrack specially designed for the occasion.

Futuroscope also offers the screening of the animated film "A Monster Family" in 3D, to complete the experience. And for food lovers, the restaurant "La Table d'Arthur" will offer a themed meal in a chilling atmosphere...

The youngest will have the chance to receive gifts at the entrance and can get their makeup done at dedicated stands.

Christmas at Futuroscope

The Christmas season at Futuroscope, running from December 23, 2023 to January 7, 2024, promises to immerse visitors in an enchanted world. The highlight is the meeting with Santa Claus, accompanied by his elves and the Raving Rabbids, who ensure a festive atmosphere throughout the park.

A Christmas Village will come to life in the heart of Futuroscope, offering chalets where you can enjoy animations, tastings, stories and music, creating an authentic Christmas atmosphere. In addition, a 3D tale, "The Bear and the Squirrel", awaits families for touching moments of sharing.

The show "IllusiO, a magical destiny" promises to amaze with a whirlwind of illusions while festive dinners will be offered on December 24 and 31, allowing you to share a convivial moment with family or friends. Finally, the show "The Key to Dreams" will enchant the evenings with its light effects, water effects and projections, before the New Year's Eve fireworks close the year in beauty.

Food, services and accessibility

Opening of the restaurant « MIAM ! »

The Futuroscope, always at the forefront of innovation, not only amazes with its futuristic attractions but also ensures the comfort of its visitors with services and amenities designed for everyone. The opening of the restaurant « MIAM ! » in 2023 is a perfect example, embodying this commitment by offering a modern and comforting culinary experience.

With its cosy atmosphere, the restaurant invites visitors to relax and enjoy a homemade culinary offer, which is both simple and of quality. The modern decoration and the tribute to superheroes create a unique atmosphere, reflecting the creative spirit of the park. Whether for a quick break or a more elaborate meal, « MIAM ! » promises a quality gourmet break, at an affordable price, thus ensuring that every aspect of the visit to Futuroscope is a memorable experience.

Formerly known as « Studio Grill », « MIAM ! » reopened on April 7, 2023 with a new menu that is part of an upgrade of the park's culinary offer, while remaining accessible.

Other restaurants

At the Futuroscope, the culinary experience is designed to be as immersive and innovative as the attractions themselves. Here is a range of services and amenities that complement the opening of the restaurant « MIAM ! », for guaranteed comfort and entertainment for all:

  • Space Loop Restaurant: a restaurant where food reaches you via an aerial rail system, promising a show as captivating as the meal itself.
  • La Table d'Arthur: inspired by the world of Minimoys, this all-you-can-eat buffet offers a generous selection of hot dishes, starters, desserts and cheeses, cooked on site.
  • L'Atelier des Saveurs: for a refined taste experience, this restaurant serves fresh and local products in a setting adorned with iconic park objects, inspired by bistronomy and Italy.
  • Le Quai Gourmand: ideal for extending the experience of The Extraordinary Journey attraction, this counter service offers a varied menu for a quick gourmet break.
  • La Cabane Perchée: for a friendly atmosphere, enjoy delicious grilled dishes in a wood-fired oven in a cabin perched in the trees, showcasing local products.
  • La Crêpe Volante: pancakes, salads, crepes... the Raving Rabbids have taken over this creperie, for an experience as delicious as it is amusing.
  • L'Atelier sur le pouce: for those in search of freshness, this new concept offers homemade sandwiches, crunchy salads and ice creams, perfect for a quick break.


Each establishment is designed to enrich your visit with diverse flavours and a unique atmosphere, ensuring that every moment spent at the Futuroscope is unforgettable.


The Futuroscope offers a variety of services to ensure the comfort and safety of all its visitors:

  • Baby Area: for those visiting with very young children, the Futuroscope offers "Baby Areas" equipped with changing tables and microwaves to heat bottles and food. In addition, a free stroller loan service is available (subject to availability, ID required as a deposit). For attractions, the park offers a "Young Children Solution" allowing parents to take turns on the attraction without having to queue again.
  • Language Services: the park provides visit plans in English and Spanish, which you can pick up at the "Information & Services" point at the entrance. The Futuroscope mobile application is also available in these two languages.
  • Food Options: all restaurants and fast food points offer vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. For visitors with food allergies, it is possible to consult the list of allergens present in the dishes by directly addressing the restaurant team.
  • Safety and Health: a first aid post is located in the heart of the park, with agents trained to intervene at any time. For specific care, the park can provide the contact details of nearby medical or nursing practices.
  • Photographic Souvenirs: with the PhotoPack+ service, visitors can find their photos taken in the attractions and buy or share them online by scanning the QR code given during their visit. The photos remain available for 30 days after the visit on the dedicated site.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: the park has charging stations for electric cars, available for free in the car park, although parking itself is chargeable. These slow charge stations are equipped with T2S and E/F sockets. In addition, some hotels on site offer charging stations reserved for their guests.
  • Character Meet and Greet: visitors can meet famous park characters such as the Raving Rabbids, Arthur and Selenia, and Guerliguet in the alleys, near their attractions or in their restaurants. It is recommended to consult the park map or the mobile application for more information, as these encounters may be subject to changes.

These services add significant value to the overall Futuroscope experience, with a focus on accessibility, safety, comfort and commitment to a quality visitor experience.


The Futuroscope also stands out for its accessibility, ensuring comfort and ease for all its visitors:

  • Accessibility to attractions: the park offers priority access for visitors with disabilities, valid for up to 4 accompanying persons. To benefit from this, it is necessary to present a valid official document at the "Information & Services" point located at the entrance of the park.
  • Mobility on site: the Futuroscope provides free loan of wheelchairs and also offers rental of electric scooters for people with reduced mobility, thus allowing easy navigation through the park.
  • Parking: free parking is allocated to people with disabilities, upon presentation of a suitable proof.
  • Inclusive commitment: the park is labelled "Tourism & Handicap", attesting to its accessibility for auditory, mental and motor disabilities.
  • Adapted accommodation: the hotel offer associated with the Futuroscope includes rooms specially designed for people with reduced mobility. These accommodations are available by reservation by contacting the park's advisors directly.
  • Adapted pricing: reduced rates are applied for people with disabilities, available directly at the park's ticket offices.

These provisions underline the commitment of Futuroscope to provide an inclusive and accessible experience for all, making each visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Planning your visit to Futuroscope: tips and tricks for a perfect day


From 42 € (or £35.90)

From £35.90 (or 42 €)

To make the most of your visit to Futuroscope, good organization is essential:

  • Buy your tickets online: benefit from often more advantageous rates and avoid queues at the ticket offices.
  • Use the Futuroscope mobile app: check waiting times and show schedules, and navigate easily in the park.
  • Prefer weekdays: enjoy less crowds and a more serene experience.
  • Explore accommodation options: thematic hotels on site or cottages in the surrounding area for all tastes and budgets.
  • Check the event calendar: plan your visit according to seasonal shows and animations.
  • Consider thePremium Pass: quick access to attractions and reserved seats for shows.
  • Check the weather: dress accordingly and plan for spare clothes for water attractions.

These tips and tricks are designed to make your visit to the Futuroscope as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

The Futuroscope is open every day until November 5. Then every Saturday and Sunday from November 11 and every day during the Christmas holidays.

The Futuroscope opening hours vary depending on the season and special events organized by the park, it is advisable to check the most recent information on the official Futuroscope website or via their mobile application for real-time updates.

Visiting Futuroscope with family

Eco-friendly and social commitment: Futuroscope and sustainability

Futuroscope is firmly committed to sustainability, with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. The park has implemented an ambitious environmental and energy policy, focusing on key aspects such as renewable energy, with the purchase of 100% of its electricity in this form since 2020, waste reduction, water resource preservation, biodiversity, and soft mobility. It is also working to produce more electricity than it consumes, notably through the installation of heat pumps and a biomass boiler, with the aim of a production capacity of 20 MW in photovoltaic for its own consumption by the end of 2025. The park also supports forest planting and low-carbon agriculture.

For waste management, Futuroscope has innovated by using recycled food cartons to create the benches for its night show and plans to optimize waste collection with an on-site sorting center by 2025. The ban on disposable tableware in its restaurants since 2023 also shows its commitment to responsible consumption.

Futuroscope Park

In water management, the park has set a goal to reduce usage by 30% per visitor, notably through the recycling of sink water for toilet flushing and the transformation of urine into fertilizer, thus saving more than 2,000 m3 of water per year.

The expansion of the park with the creation of the Ecolodgee hotel also illustrates its commitment to biodiversity, with the planting of 15,000 trees and the creation of ecosystems conducive to the development of local fauna and flora.

Finally, to promote sustainable mobility, Futuroscope plans to install 600 electric charging stations and transition to an electric vehicle fleet for utilities and staff by 2025.


Futuroscope is more than just an amusement park; it's a window to the future, a place where technological innovation meets the magic of entertainment. Each visit is a promise of wonder, learning, and shared enjoyment. With its world-renowned attractions, captivating seasonal events, and commitments to sustainability, Futuroscope offers a complete experience for all ages.

Planning your visit is key to fully enjoying what the park has to offer, from the thrills of roller coasters to educational journeys through time and space. The initiatives planned for 2025, including the opening of Aquascope and other attractions, ensure that Futuroscope will continue to evolve and surprise.

Take with you the laughter, knowledge, and memories of a unique adventure at Futuroscope, where every moment spent is another step in the journey of discovery. We hope this guide has inspired you and that your next visit to Futuroscope will be as bright and promising as the future itself.