What are the rights and responsibilities of a tenant?

His/her rights

A tenant has the right:

  • to live in a safe property without risk to health
  • to know who is its owner

If he doesn't know who his owner is, he can ask the person or company he's paying rent to. The owner can be fined if he does not give this information within 21 days.

  • to have his deposit returned at the end of the rental
  • to challenge excessively high charges
  • to live peacefully in the property
  • to request to see an energy performance certificate for the property
  • to be protected against eviction and unfair rent
  • to have a fair rental agreement that complies with the law if its rental lasts more than 3 years

A tenant can sublet the property only if the rental agreement or its owner allows it.

His/her responsibilities

A tenant must:

  • give the owner access to the property to inspect it or carry out repairs

The owner must notify him at least 24 hours in advance and come at a reasonable time of the day - except in an emergency and if he needs immediate access.

  • take care of the property
  • pay the agreed rent

And this even if repairs are necessary or if it is in conflict with its owner.

  • pay other fees agreed with the owner (municipal taxes, utility bills, etc.)
  • repair or pay for any damage caused by him, his family or friends

The owner has the right to bring legal action for evict him if he does not fulfill his responsibilities.