What are the rights and responsibilities of a landlord?

His rights

An owner must:

  • maintain the rented property in a safe condition and without risk to health
  • ensure that all electrical and gas installations are correctly installed and maintained
  • be able to provide an energy performance certificate for the property
  • ​​protect the deposit of the tenant
  • verify that the tenant has the right to rent the property if it is in England
  • give the tenant a copy of the official guide - published by the government: How to rent

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His responsibilities

An owner is responsible:

  • the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and their proper functioning
  • compliance with fire safety rules

The council may decide to assess the health and safety risks of a property (The Housing Health and Safety Rating System - HHSRS) - following a local property investigation or if the tenant requests it.

His financial responsibilities

An owner must pay:

  • a tax on its rental income
  • insurance (Class 2 National Insurance) if its rental activity is declared in business

If there is a mortgage on the property, the landlord must obtain authorization from their mortgage lender before offering it for rent.