How to write the contract termination letter to my au pair?

Within the given notice, you can decide at any time to terminate the contract with your au pair.

All you need to do is present them with a letter of termination on plain paper and inform all the authorities to which their presence has been notified (parents, employment agency, etc.).

Must appear on your letter:

  • your contact details (first names, last names and address)
  • contact details of the au pair (first name, last name and address)
  • title of the letter: TERMINATION OF THE AU PAIR CONTRACT
  • sample content:

"Dear XXXX,
We hereby declare that the au pair contract is terminated.
In accordance with the deadline for notice, your last working day will be MM / DD / YYYY.
Sincerely, "

  • date and place
  • signature

If no contract has been signed, you will have to agree together on an end of stay date.

Be correct and - if necessary - give the au pair time to find a new family!

In the face of serious circumstances, it is nevertheless possible to terminate your contract with immediate effect, without notice.