How does Revolut mobile banking work?

Revolut is a mobile bank that offers many free and n 'is subject to no income conditions.

It is a multi-currency medium that uses a single real-time exchange rate and allows you to:

  • make payments and withdrawals worldwide (in more than 150 currencies)
    • No ATM withdrawal fees up to £200 per month - then 2% of the money withdrawn as commission.
  • have 2 international MasterCard cards and one virtual card per account
    • In case of loss or theft, you can instantly block / unblock your payment cards on the Revolut mobile application.
  • make transfers in 24 different currencies
    • No exchange fees up to £5000 per month - then 0.50% of the amounts converted into commissions.
  • set up standing transfers
  • send and request money from loved ones
  • exchange crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and XRP)

Revolut does not (for the moment) offer a checkbook or authorized overdraft.

The Premium offer at £6.99 / month and the Metal offer at £12.99 / month allow you to benefit from ceilings on free payments, withdrawals and transfers in currency statements and extensive MasterCard insurance.

By opening an account at Revolut, your bank details will match those a UK account.