Which books to read to progress in English?

Which books to read to progress in English?

If you prefer books to mobile applications, TV series or traditional English lessons, know that reading in English is a great way to progress in learning the English language.

Discover below our selection of the best books to read in English: from novels adapted to the cinema (or in series) to classic works, through the essentials of English literature - the language of Shakespeare will soon have no more secrets for you!

To progress quickly in English:

  • Choose a theme that corresponds to what you usually like to read in French.
  • If you are a beginner, avoid starting with classical works.
  • Read a little every day.
  • If possible, read aloud.

Novels suitable for cinema or series

The good thing about these books is that you probably already know the storyline:

Cinematographic adaptations sometimes allow themselves some freedom on the original story!

The essentials

Classical works

To discover the classics of English-speaking literature:

If you are a beginner, avoid starting with a classic piece.

Bilingual books

Many publishing houses have their own collection of bilingual books dedicated to learners:

Educational texts

English press articles

  • British Council Magazine: News articles (mainly cultural) - with questions at the end of the article to assess your general understanding of the text.
  • Learn in English: Articles related to current affairs, history, culture, etc. - classified by level of difficulty and with audio versions, additional explanatory videos and indexes for the most difficult terms.
  • News in levels: News related articles - systematically broken down into three articles of different levels and with audio supports.

These sites are dedicated to learning the English language and offer texts suitable for all levels.

Amateur stories

  • Creepypasta: Short stories or short stories on the theme of the paranormal and horror.
  • FanFiction: Stories written by fans to extend, amend or totally transform a novel, a manga, a television series, a film, a video game or even a celebrity they love.

The Gutenberg project

The Gutenberg project makes free available the fallen works in the public domain: more than 50,000 books - in all languages ​​- in digital version.

Volunteers also recorded over 24,000 audio files of reading these books.