Mini Mozart


The idea of Mini Mozart is to get children actually listening, not just hearing. Children interact with our orchestral musicians and piano accompanist in a way that is impossible with recorded music. 

We believe that at this tender and formative age, music should be purely about expression and fun. We want our Mini Mozarts to be confident and enthusiastic about music and their response to it. Through our specially designed exercises, we ignite a discerning ear so that children are passionate about music and primed for a more formal musical education when they reach school age.

We utilise a technique known in the music business as 'sandwich programming'. For example at a typical Classical Music Concert at the Barbican or the Royal Festival Hall, you will often find the evening opens with an overture that everybody knows and loves - Rossini perhaps. After the interval, the audience will often hear a familiar symphony; Beethoven or Brahms maybe. In between these crowd pullers, discerning artistic administrators will programme something more challenging that the audience doesn't know - maybe a contemporary work or a piece by a less well known composer. The idea is that when buying the tickets and evaluating the evening afterwards, at the very least the concert goer will think - 2 out of 3 isn't bad. At best, the concert goer has had their musical experience extended and has awoken to something new and wonderful they never had the time or inclination to seek out before. Bubbles and the Parachute are our crowd pullers, and we 'sandwich' them with Mozart and Beethoven to prime the children's ears for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.
The course has been constructed in a way that introduces children to the concepts of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo through fun games and exercises with the emphasis being placed firmly on the FUN!

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