Rebirthing Club of London

Rebirthing Club of London

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Zen Yoga

24A Camberwell Grove, London, SE5 8RE

samedi 14 mai de 13:00 à 16:00


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Rebirthing Club offers presential Conscious Breathwork group sessions in London since 2012. Effective therapy to release harmful emotions.


Never was so important to freely breathe!


All microcosms and living things in this universe march to a certain rhythm. Just like the Earth has seasons, we, human beings have our own particular rhythm; this subtle music continually vibrates through our bodies. And the breath acts as the compass, conducting the pace of our lives. Any disharmony in the physical and emotional body has an immediate effect on the breath and vice versa. All of the unconscious feelings that we suppress consume a lot of our vital energy and create contractions in the breath. These tensions multiply and naturally imprint themselves in the body. They build into physical blockages and imbalances that manifest in the form of gastritis, ulcers, insomnia, back problems, stress, depression, etc. And before we know it, our inner music becomes out of synch.


All therapies have their own breathing techniques. Rebirthing, also known as Conscious Breathwork Therapy, uses a distinct form of conscious breathing and relaxation to gently release the accumulated baggage of tensions, resistances, harmful emotional patterns and suppressed memories. It creates inner space for transforming ourselves, liberating our true self-expression and developing our inner potential.

The breath helps to maintain the presence in a meditative state and works as an inner massage that revitalizes and rejuvenates the body, refreshes the mind and helps recover the physical and emotional essential well being. This simple, yet powerful technique offers a natural way to manage stress and disengage behavioural patterns by putting trust in the healing power of our own breath.

Rebirthing is completely safe! Everything that emerges in a Rebirthing session was experienced before and held inside by suppressing your breath. By doing Rebirthing you get the chance to release them and get your freedom.

The session:

Purnima will give you an induction that teaches you, in detail, how to do your session throughout the five elements of Rebirthing :

1. Circular Breathing

2. Awareness

3. Acceptance

4. Integration

5. Relaxation

- You will be asked to lie down on a comfortable mat to perform your session.

- The whole process takes 90min on average. In total, we will be together for 3 hours.

The lovely Zen Yoga Studio will host us providing the right environment for our group to dive deep on your healing journey!

Who is this workshop for?

- Anybody interested in self-development and learning more about the power of breath. IMPORTANT: If you are under medication prescription for antidepressants, anxiolytics or in psych crisis, please contact me before booking.

Exchange: £45 - £50 - £55


  • 14th May 14:00 - 17:00 SOLD OUT
  • 04th June 14:00-17:00 Available

Venue: Zen Yoga Studio  (Nearest station Denmark Hill and Camberwell)

* You will receive a guideline email before the session.

Online booking finishes 24h hours before the event.

In case it doesn't go sold out, FOR LAST MINUTE BOOKING, PLEASE, CONTACT Purnima BY PHONE. +44 0 7411 858488