Product Management Foundations Remote Workshop - Eastern Daylight Time

Product Management Foundations Remote Workshop - Eastern Daylight Time

Du 8 juillet 2021 au 9 juillet 2021

Product Management Foundations will help you master the skills you need to excel in the craft of product management - join us!

Product Management Foundations takes place in two (half-day) remote workshops. It defines and clarifies which aspects of the role a new product manager should tackle first, focusing on core team practice and methods that drive the delivery of value to customers.


Why Attend

Reasons to attend? We'll give you 10! By attending this workshop you will:

  1. Gain confidence in your understanding of the product manager role
  2. Fully grasp the concept of design thinking and why it is important
  3. Learn where the customer sits in the product practice
  4. Discover how to define and prioritise your customer personas
  5. Learn how to avoid bias in your customer research
  6. Learn how to effectively facilitate a goals conversation
  7. Learn how to structure hypotheses for lean tests
  8. Discover how to apply important concepts and theory to your own product challenges
  9. Discuss examples from your workplace and see how scenarios play out in other companies
  10. Return to work with ready-to-use tools and techniques


Your workshop will take place over two half-days on Thursday July 8th and Friday July 9th. The workshop will start at 1:00pm EDT (10:00am PDT) and end at 4:30pm EDT (1:30pm PDT) each day. Join us online from 12:50pm EDT (9:50am PDT), to connect calmly and help mitigate accessibility issues.

Workshop Size

With less than 10 people per virtual workshop, you will benefit from active and involved group discussions, the careful guidance and expertise of your trainer, the opportunity to closely collaborate with your peers from around the world, and plenty of time to ask questions.

Your Trainer

All of our trainers are seasoned product managers who've worked with multiple products and domains. Their experience enriches the curriculum by delivering diverse perspectives and examples on best practice in different scenarios. Our trainers’ main goal is not to provide you with all of the answers, but rather to help you ask the right questions.

How you'll learn

Using Zoom and other digital collaboration tools, you will participate in a series of modules that cover the theories and mindsets driving the core elements of the product role.

Modules include live online lectures interspersed with regular discussion, Q&As, and group activities to encourage hands-on learning. To keep you energised and engaged, expect warm-ups, icebreakers, and regular breaks.

See below for a detailed module breakdown.

Module Breakdown

Product Development Lifecycle

  • The stages of the product lifecycle and how they fit into your role
  • Learning Mindsets and how they apply at each stage of the product lifecycle
  • Evolving your craft as a product manager

Goals Alignment

  • OKRs vs. KPIs vs. Metrics
  • Breaking down business goals for your product
  • Aligning the team and organisation around goals
  • The difference between business goals and product outcomes

Hypothesis and Testing

  • Crafting an effective hypothesis
  • Ways to test your hypothesis
  • Planning a valuable experiment

User Interview Guides

  • Creating user interview scripts
  • Different type of interview
  • Components of a user interview and when to use them
  • Conducting user interviews and avoiding bias

Process for Action - User Stories & Backlogs

  • Driving conversations using User Stories
  • Facilitating collaboration with your team to develop your backlog
  • Describing the process from validated hypothesis to a ready to ship feature
  • How to balance documentation and communication

Your Role in the Team

  • How to lead without authority
  • Cultivating psychological safety
  • Nurturing creativity

Information for Ticket Holders

How will I get access to my workshop and pre-work?

One week before the workshop:

  • You will receive an email from us with a link to your Information Hub - this contains information about your workshop, pre-workshop activities and useful resources.

Two days before the workshop:

  • You will receive access information for Zoom and Mural (our workshop tools).

Please note, the above emails will be sent to the email address you registered with. If you do not receive any of the above, please email ASAP.

What happens if I book with less than a week to go before the workshop?

No problem. You will receive the relevant information from us within 24 hours. Please email if you do not receive this.

Who do I reach out to if I’m having technical difficulties?

On the day of your workshop, we will gather 10 minutes before to allow time for everyone to log in and troubleshoot any technical issues. If you are unable to connect to the platforms, please email and we will be on hand to assist you.

Can I get a refund?

If you need to cancel your ticket, you must log in to Eventbrite and request a refund at least two weeks before the date of the event, following these instructions. No refunds will be issued for tickets that are cancelled less than two weeks before the event. Only the person who purchased the tickets can request a refund.

Can I transfer my ticket to a future workshop?

You can request a workshop transfer up to two weeks before the date of the event by emailing We cannot facilitate any requests made after the two week cut off. Our small class size is an essential part of the workshop experience and we often sell out well in advance. By transferring you to a future workshop closer to the date of the event, it is unlikely we will be able to resell your space and ultimately we lose out on a ticket sale for future events by giving you that space.

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