TaBoO a freeform Improvised show

TaBoO a freeform Improvised show


***** Please read it with Barry White's voice*****

An all new improvisation concept.

Three actresses explore with you themes around sexuality, going deep down with pleasure in your TaBoO.

As foreplay, they will start to open your imagination to get you confortable to speak up.

It's getting hot no? it's time to take action. They will improvise stories from what you will share, personal anecdotes, fantasmes and taboos, as well as everything you would have send to them.

They will finish smoothly and slowly to give you wanting more...

💋Always leave them wanting more 💋

If you want to share a TaBoO story (anonymous or not) : 1st time, coming out, street harassement, night stand, masturbation, impossible relationship... You can write to us:

From Belgium with Emilie Perraudeau, Sabine Cloos and Mélissa Motheu

In English

£10 online
£12 at the door cash only
£8 Students Art FabriC