'How To Open A Gin Distillery' Workshop

'How To Open A Gin Distillery' Workshop


Want to know how to establish a Gin Distillery? Got that burning desire to create your own gin and bring it to market?

Held in Gin Foundry's HQ in London, this 1 day intensive workshop is for you…

Gin Foundry have created this workshop especially to provide a one-stop-shop for those seeking to gain valuable insight into establishing their own gin distillery. Here's what they have to say about it:

As a team who have had a front row seat on the world of Gin since the current boom began in the mid 2000’s, we’ve seen the journeys of dozens of gin makers first hand. We’ve covered their stories before, during and after their launch and have experienced it from their perspective. We've even become micro-distiller's ourselves and consulted on dozens of recipes and distillery set ups.

We have seen fantastic gins brought to life through hard graft, with genuine craft distillers fulfilling their life-long dreams. We watched distilleries scramble to re-finance less than a year after launch to just keep afloat and others steadily grow their reach year after year. There's been the good, the bad and the ugly that has come across our desk since we launched.

Opening a craft distillery and launching a successful gin is not easy, but what makes it even harder is that there is very little information about how to go about doing it. That is, until you are knee deep in what you are making something and suddenly, see all the answers that would have made life easier had you just known a few months ago... Too few experienced minds share their knowledge and too few fully appreciate that the actual act of distilling, is just one part of a complex equation when it comes to bringing a new gin to market. Route to market, marketing, branding, concepts all need to be developed from the start, not once a spirit has been made. 

This 1 day workshop is aimed at those looking to get a crash course in the vast array of elements that have to come together in order to make a dream of opening a gin distillery come true.

Wide reaching, yet designed to give a comprehensive view into each of the essential components, we’ve fine-tuned the day’s activities to offer a perfect foundation off which to build from. Crucially, it will arm you with the right questions you need to answer to ensure your venture will be a success.

No distilling experience is required – this is not a technical hands-on production seminar, it is a workshop that encompasses many aspects and not just how to use a still. We will of course be delving into a lot of distilling theory, recipe formulations and process though - it's the heart of all distilleries and understanding how to pick the right still that's suited to your needs and how best to use it is vital.

During the workshop, we will be looking at a few case studies to compare methods, strategies and results. As always with Gin Foundry events, we’ll have some spirits to taste along the way in order to understand first hand these theories and methods being discussed.

The day is split into 4 major areas:

Feasability & Opportunities: The numbers, stats and figures covering state of the Gin category today, analysing market saturation VS remaining opportunities. Using our insight into specific case studies, we will showcase how gin makers can maximise their individuality, buck the trend and carve out a niche for themselves.

One Stop Still Shop: The second section covers the various distilling methods that can be used to create gin, the type of stills required and the knock on effects this has on market strategy, budget and overall distillery layout. Consider this a guided tour of what's possible to buy, how much they cost and how your choices will impact your set up.

Recipe & Chemistry: The third section focuses on botanical selection, recipe formulation and finding a USP that's right for you, not just catchy. It's focuses on the chemistry of certain botanicals, how they come together and finding ways to express yourself as a maker, while also forcing yourself to be highly specific in how you choose to do so.

Marketing & Branding: To finish, the session covers some key areas to formulate launch strategies, branding messaging and items to consider for both long term growth and forward financial planning.


The How to Open A Gin Distillery Workshop starts at 9.00am sharp to 5.30pm and takes place at: Gin Foundry, Coda Studios, 189 Munster Rd, Fulham, London SW6 6AW

Tickets are limited to a maximum of 12 people so that there is time to focus on individual questions and group requests.

The price includes all gin samples served during the day, but does not cover lunch. All participants will receive  useful reading material from the slides presented to take away from the event.

A few notes –

Due to the huge variations in personal financial circumstances and the impact of location and scale can have on the financial requirements to set up a distillery, the workshop is more focused around the wider series of decisions and elements that go into establishing a gin distillery, rather than being an in-depth guide into how to budget for specific circumstances.

The workshop does include pointers and guidelines as to the cost implications of some distilling operations and methods of operating however; just to repeat this - the focus is very much on the wider business plan and how to go from concept to reality as opposed to simply crunching numbers all day!

The day will be lead by gin expert and Editor of Gin Foundry, Olivier Ward, who has spent years commenting on the category, has an established track record working with brands helping them building their identities, finding routes to market and recently, has also won awards for the gins he has created.

As Gin Foundry are a Gin specialised business, the emphasis is on how to open a distillery in order to create gin, not how to make a craft distillery or a multi-purpose distillery and they will not be touching on fermentation, casks or maturation.

Please note: Tickets are not refundable nor exchangeable for a different date if canceled with less than 7 working days to go before the event.