How to move to the Caribbean and live Good.(6 July)

How to move to the Caribbean and live Good.(6 July)


Repeated by popular demand. With an increase in racism due to Brexit as well as the illegal Windrush deportations, some Black people are considering their options to relocate to the Caribbean, but how easy is it? This interactive, illustrated talk will hear from one individual  in the process of relocating to Jamaica and one family of five with three teenagers, who moved to Barbados from England seven years ago. They will cover:

  • Preparation, finances and schools

  • Getting a job or setting up your own business?

  • Citizenship, passports and residency - what your options are

  • Cultural contrasts: British style vs Caribbean style from a Black  perspective

  • How long does it take to prepare, how long to settle in?

  • 10 things to do before you move. 10 things to do when you arrive

  • Basic costs of relocation. Burning bridges or building options?

  • House prices here and there - a realistic comparison

Plus Q and A.

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