Fire Choir - membership Summer term 2019 (from 03/06)

Fire Choir - membership Summer term 2019 (from 03/06)

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The Kings Cross Baptist Church

Vernon Square, London, WC1X 9EP
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Du 3 juin 2019 au 12 août 2019

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Fire Choir is an ‘open to all’ community choir dedicated to revitalising communal singing with political empowerment and a sonorous means to protest & protect at its heart. 

Fire Choir, run by The Nest Collective, was founded by folk musician Sam Lee and choir leaders Blythe Pepino, Alex Etchart, and Ben Crawley out of a year-long fellowship at the Foundling Museum. The choir is a vehicle to take rabble-rousing, soul-lifting chants and hollers to the streets, the auditoria, the recording studio and beyond.

Singers will be tapping into the enormous and ancient international repertoire of songs rooted in social change and emancipation highlighting social and environmental injustice around the world. Material includes folk songs, modern songs, anti-war songs, songs of resistance and struggle, the natural world, songs of love and lost worlds. A portion of the Fire Choir repertoire has been specially-commissioned by The Nest Collective creating new songs sung from the perspective of contemporary communities struggling for a louder voice in society. Writers include some of the UK’s best songwriters and composers Dizraeli, Martha Tilston, Ayanna Witter-Johnson and others.

If you want to channel your love for this world, or discontent with it, through singing, or just discover your voice with like-minded (or unlike-minded) others, then Fire Choir is the singing family with fire in its belly for you.

Membership fee is for 10 sessions of 2 hours each, each Monday from 7pm - 9pm at Kings Cross Baptist Church from May 20th 2019 (half term: May 27th).