Family Campfire Club

Family Campfire Club

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Culpeper Community Garden

1 Cloudesley Road, London, N1 0EJ
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samedi 21 septembre de 14:00 à 16:30

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This summer, The Nest Collective invites you to discover extraordinary music around the campfire.

Join other local families for an afternoon around the campfire with music, singalongs, nature activities and more.

For over five years, Campfire Club has been the way for Londoners to gather in beautiful green spaces and listen to amazing music from all over the world. We enjoy music in the simple way that people have done for thousands of years, around the fire with food, drink, and each other.

Each event includes:

  • Performances of stunning unamplified music

  • Singalongs round the campfire

  • Nature activities

  • Food and drink (local ales, snacks)

What the audience said:

“This event was phenomenal. I cannot wait until I attend another one… the musicians were something else. I certainly didn’t feel as though I was in Peckham, but some enchanted woodlands” – Design My Night

“The atmosphere was incredible, I knew I would love the music but I loved the atmosphere just as much.” – Anon

“Walking into a wonderland of nature with beautiful music and people, it made me feel wonderfully elated.” – Jane S

This event will be followed by CAMPFIRE CLUB: SING & SUPPER from 7pm at the same venue.

Family Campfire Club dates:

- 27th July at Culpeper Community Gardens

- 10th August at Culpeper Community Gardens

- 7th September at Culpeper Community Gardens

- 21st September at Culpeper Community Gardens