Campfire Club: Tartine de Clous | Thodoris Ziarkas

Campfire Club: Tartine de Clous | Thodoris Ziarkas

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Oasis Nature Garden

Larkhall Ln, London, SW4 6RJ
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samedi 14 septembre de 18:00 à 21:00

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This summer, The Nest Collective invites you to discover extraordinary music around the campfire.

Every week from May to September, we gather in beautiful green spaces under city skylines and listen to amazing music by artists from all over the world.

We come together in the simple way that people have done for thousands of years, around the fire with food, drink, music and each other. The performances are unamplified, allowing you to get up close and personal and hear the artists’ music in a very intimate way.

Limited £120 season tickets are available here

What the audience said:

"This event was phenomenal. I cannot wait until I attend another one… the musicians were something else. I certainly didn't feel as though I was in Peckham, but some enchanted woodlands" - Design My Night

“Walking into a wonderland of nature with beautiful music and people, it made me feel wonderfully elated.” - Jane S

“What a magical gig! Sat around a campfire in the beautiful @Glengall_Garden as the sun sets listening to @JGhedi & @PiersFaccini.  Lovely lovely lovely @NestFolk #Peckham #CampfireClub” - @showmethemunny

“The atmosphere was incredible, I knew I would love the music but I loved the atmosphere just as much.” - Anon

“Beautiful magical evening with #CampfireClub such a wonderful idea for unamplified performance around a campfire” - @soryahh

Tartine de Clous

The genesis of Tartine... is a modern tale where a young man from the Charente countryside and two from Saintongeais countryside met in the big city. Though previously, their ears were drunk on The Beatles, Velvet Underground, Brassens, Sun Ra or Perotin. When they met in Poitiers, Geoffroy, Guillaume and Thomas decided to join their voices to interpret traditional Breton music.

Starting from this end of the world without folklore where they grew up, they took paths less trodden in finding their own unique sound: modal music, rural nonchalance and medieval reminiscences are the essential elements of their appearances in concert. Sat in the middle of the audience, the intimacy allows careful listening to ancient stories, catchy rhythms, and hypnotic melodies.

Thodoris Ziarkas

Thodoris Ziarkas is an improviser, double bassist, composer, and Alexander technique teacher born in Rhodes, Greece. Currently based in London he is mainly involved with jazz, improvisation and folk music from around the world.

His debut album "Monologue 01", released in 2017, features improvised music exploring soundscapes and dialogues between a double bass and occasionally the Cretan lyra.

Aga Ujma

Aga Ujma is a thoughtful and talented composer inspired by the connections between Polish, English, and Indonesian folk music. Her vocals alone could propel her to superstardom if she chose the Pop route, but at the moment they’re in a harmonious relationship with her current instruments of choice:

Sasando – the gorgeous 32-string, butterfly-winged Indonesian zither

Siter – a plucked string instrument related to gamelan

Gender barung – the Javanese xylophone