Walk on the steps of the French in Soho (history)

Walk on the steps of the French in Soho (history)

Walk on the steps of the French in Soho

Did you know that, in XIXth century, Soho used to be called the French Colony? That is what we'll find out along the guided walk (the tour will be delivered in English - It happens in French on other times).



This is a face-to-face meeting and it is tailored to fit with the COVID 19 governement guidelines. This a group of a maximum of 6 persons (organiser included). We will be meeting outdoors and keep social distancing. By signing up to this event, you commit to respect those rules.


We will meet in Soho Square in front of the French Protestant Church.

Then we will walk alluding to some French places as the French Protestant Church, French House, Huguenot Chapel, various shops and streets, ending in the West End with Notre Dame de France (where there are works of art and especially murals by Jean Cocteau). Be aware that we won't be able to go inside the buildings (due to Covid restrictions)

That stroll is a refreshing opportunity to find out more about the French presence in London. We will walk for about 90 minutes with some short stops.

The tour will be delivered by Christian Michel, a French guide working for some heritage venues, delevering thematic and historical tours.

Be aware that the whole event will occur in English and a charge of £15 is due payable at the booking

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