Virtual Fire Choir - Summer Term

Virtual Fire Choir - Summer Term

Du 19 April 2021 au 5 July 2021


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During this period of physical distancing, Fire Choir is bringing people from around the globe together for a weekly virtual singing session

Channel your love for (or discontent with) this world through powerful communal singing that feeds the fire in your belly.

Open to all, this community choir is dedicated to communal singing with activism and empowerment at its heart.

These sessions are open to anyone who wants to sing. Everyone is welcome – no experience and no preparation is necessary. Bring your housemates, bring your cat, and we’ll sing songs together to lift everyone’s spirits.

Sessions take place weekly on Monday evenings at 7pm (UK time). The Summer term will start on 19th April and will finish on 5th July. There will be a week off for half-term on 31st May.

When you join the session, please mute your microphone so the choir leaders can be heard by all the choir members. There will also be opportunities for everyone to say hello during the session and we would love to hear from you!

These online sessions are offered on a donation basis. You can pay for the full term using the ticket window above.

If you'd prefer to join for free initially and donate later that's fine too, just the follow links below.

We welcome donations from those who have the financial means to make a contribution to support the Nest Collective and the Fire Choir leaders during this time. You are also very welcome if you are unable to give. You can pay for the full term using the ticket window above.

If you would like to join for free initially and make your own donations later, that's absolutely fine! You can also donate via Paypal here.

How's this work?

Sign up here for free to receive an email each Monday at 6pm (starting 19th April) with details of how to access the online choir that evening. If you already signed up for a previous term you don't need to sign up again.

If you are able to donate then you can do so using the ticket window above or via the Paypal link here.