Un Battement d'Elles & Crossroads

Un Battement d'Elles & Crossroads

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For its fifth edition, Act'in has concocted an amazing outdoor evening! Two shows , French & English with subtitles, join us!

Get your tickets for an open-air show with us!

In the heart of London, in our magnificent Old Paradise Yard, come and enjoy two shows in French and English with surtitles in a warm atmosphere with a delicatessen tray and bar at your disposal!

Un Battement d'Elles:

  • First Part : French show

Have you heard of the peninsula of Silla, a little island looking to develop its trade with the mainland? All very good intentions. But when family problems and matters of the heart are involved in the management of the island... the situation gets out of hand and isolation and loneliness are never far away...


  • Second Part : English & French show

Welcome to the launch of the train 3000! A journey at full speed that will turn lives upside down. Fights, unexpected encounters, awkwardness, please jump on board! Follow the rails of destiny, and tonight you will realize that there are no bad situations... only beautiful encounters...


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Sanitary rules:

Tickets booked together will be placed together. We will apply social distancing with the rest of the audience.

We will invite you to use the antibacterial gel provided upon arrival and we will take your temperature.

Then... enjoy the show!

Important: The show is outdoors, we invite you to wear warm clothes for your comfort, we are in London!



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