The City of London, Tradition and Modernity (B2)

The City of London, Tradition and Modernity (B2)

Tuesday 4 May de 8:30 à 9:45


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Discover the famous “Square Mile”, from its Roman foundations to the top of its iconic skyscrapers.

Virtual tour in English level B2 (Intermediate)

The City of London - the famous financial district also known as the “Square Mile” - is now renowned for its striking skyline. But do you know that under the steel and glass skyscrapers lies the most ancient part of London?

LearnArtory invites you to a virtual exploration of 2,000 years of history, a history packed full of anecdotes, monuments, unforgettable characters and major cataclysms. Between tradition and modernity.

What you will improve in:

  • Culture: skyscrapers’ architects
  • Language: How to use the appropriate question words