Pure March

Pure March


Dinner Experience with Amaryllis Tsegou

This dinner experience pays homage to and is inspired by Clean Monday (also known as Pure or Ash Monday), which marks the beginning of Easter Lent. It’s a day when families all over Greece gather around a table filled mostly with vegan dishes and some seafood, all served with copious amounts of lagana, a fluffy flatbread, made solely on that day. Each bite is light, yet filled with flavour and designed to celebrate staples of Greek cooking and the beginning of spring, while preparing diners for the 40-day fasting that follows.

Amaryllis’ recipes are rooted in traditional dishes, but often include a twist or additional ingredient inspired by her travels and years of cooking and dining all over London. Local seasonal vegetables take centre stage, and are beautifully supported by some of Oliveology’s finest products, like extra virgin olive oil, pulses, tahini and olives. All dishes are served family-style (in big platters placed in the middle of the table) and can be enjoyed alongside some of the finest Greek red and white wines.


Welcome cocktail & Olive oil & balsamic pots served with barley rusks


Selection of dips: Taramasalata & fava

Roasted beetroot with tahini & parsley sauce

Black-eyed bean salad

Main dishes:Leek & red pepper orzoSquid stew with spinach & kale

Dessert:Polenta & olive oil citrus cake

Oliveology is hosting Amaryllis Tsegou in Pure March

Amaryllis is from Athens, Greece, and has been based in London since 2006. After completing a PhD in Dance Anthropology, she started her personal blog The Tasty Other, in order to explore her love of food, fascination with tradition and gatherings, and passion about storytelling through photography.

Soon after, she started collaborating with other creatives and brands as a photographer, stylist and recipe developer. Using her background in education, she is also organising food and photography workshops for children & adults both in London and abroad. She has been hosting supper clubs in Greece and London, preparing food that is inspired by childhood dishes, foods tasted and learned during her travels in Greece and abroad, all infused with and influenced by London’s multiculturalism and diversity.

Menu: Seasonal, Vegetarian options, using Oliveology products and mostly organic produce.

Price: £50 per person (includes welcome cocktail, tasting of olive oil, talk, 5-course dinner. Does not include drinks, a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be offered to buy at special prices)

Location: In our Railway Arch at Spa Terminus

Date: Friday 6th March 2019

Time: 7.30pm

For more information on dates & bookings email us at: workshops@oliveology.co.uk

Dietary requirements:

All menus are finalised two weeks before the date of the dinner. Please contact us directly with any dietary requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.

As our dinners are hosted at a shared kitchen space, we cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment.

Cancellation policy:

A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required for cancellation so we can fill your space. You will be given a full refund or we can transfer you to another date. However, no refunds or changes can be made if cancellations are changed in less than four weeks. However, you have the option to give your ticket to a friend or family member.


Assorted olives & sourdough breads