Platewell Vegan Cooking Class l Vegan Smorgasbord l Smoked Carrot Lox

Platewell Vegan Cooking Class l Vegan Smorgasbord l Smoked Carrot Lox

Sunday 6 June de 17:30 à 19:00


Join us for the ultimate vegan smorgasbord with the wonderful Shabnam- Smoked Carrot Lox, Zesty Vegan Cream Cheese, and Irish Soda Bread

Join us for the ultimate vegan smorgasbord. Shabnam will teach you her tips and tricks of how to create that delicious smoky flavour with carrot lox, how to make a vegan cream cheese, and the ultimate no-rise soda bread. This is a class you won’t want to miss!

Challenge: Easy

Your teacher: Shabnam

Key ingredients: Carrots, whole wheat flour, strong bread flour, olive oil, cashews, liquid smoke, lemon

About the teacher

Shabnam is classically trained in French cuisine at Liaison College in Toronto, Canada, holds a full-time job in Finance, and has a passion for vegan cooking and baking. She has been vegetarian for over 30 years and became vegan four years ago. As such, she knows the challenges vegans face daily, especially when we live such rushed lives. She has performed extensive research into vegan lifestyles and healthy living and incorporates this information into her recipes. Shabnam makes most of her food from scratch, so she can vouch for every recipe. In fact, all dishes are what she eats every day.

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