Mapping for Product Managers Training Workshop - London

Mapping for Product Managers Training Workshop - London

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Garfield House 86 Edgeware Rd, London, W2 2EA
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jeudi 13 février de 9:30 à 17:00

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This workshop has been cancelled. Our next Mapping for Product Managers workshop in London is on 27th March.

Use mapping as a tool to understand complexity and spot opportunities


The definition of systems thinking is a “holistic approach to evaluating how a system’s parts relate, and how a system works over time.”  Using systems thinking through systems mapping in your product practice is critical for understanding risk and spotting opportunities for innovation.

Training Workshop Overview

Designed for working product managers who are striving to create product strategy, this training workshop will enable you to use maps effectively in order to make critical product decisions, communicate with stakeholders, and facilitate a shared understanding.

Not be confused with the process of story mapping, systems maps come in all shapes and sizes; user journey maps, experience maps, process maps, flows, etc. The key part of maps is that they help the people involved in building products understand the system(s) which underpin their organisation, customer base, workflow, etc. At the end of the session you’ll have the key tools and techniques necessary to effectively facilitate mapping sessions and achieve desired outcomes.

What we’ll cover on the day

We will use a collaborative scenario in this training workshop to drive hands-on learning. Additionally, you will be prompted at the end of each exercise to reflect on actions or practices from your own products. The following topics will be covered:

- An overview of systems thinking and the utility of mapping

- Defining goals for mapping exercises, and aligning stakeholders to potential outcomes

- A tactical guide to maps, including:

  • Types of maps
  • How interactions create outcomes
  • Who to include and how to include them

- How to evaluate and decide on structure:

  • Selling the value of the mapping process to stakeholders

- Map creation process:

  • What do you need to know?
  • What are you looking for?
  • Who is involved?

- How can product managers guide towards success?

Things to reflect on before your training workshop 

Before your training workshop we ask that you take some time to consider the following questions. The more time you take to consider your current situation, and the issues and challenges you face, the more you’ll gain from your training:

  • How much do you understand about your customer’s current experience of your product?

  • List 3-5 areas where you feel you wish you had more information about your customer’s current experience

  • How well do you understand how parts of your organization work together?

  • How well does your organization understand dependencies between departments?

  • What are the other forces that influence your product or organization?

Key Takeaways

At the end of the workshop, you will have the ability to use maps to achieve goals and outcomes within your organization and will have a firm understanding of key mapping frameworks and scenarios. You’ll be able to identify the right map for the organizational challenge and have the tools needed to effectively facilitate collaboration on maps within your wider team. In short, you will have a plan for maintaining the effective use of maps and adopting them as a long term asset.

Mind the Product Trainers

Every Mind the Product trainer is a working product manager who has worked with multiple products and domains. Your trainer’s product management experience enriches the curriculum by delivering diverse perspectives on best practice in different scenarios. You will hear about the products they have worked on in the past, what went well, what didn’t go so well, and how they tried to make improvements. Our trainers’ main goal is not to provide participants with all of the answers, but help facilitate them in asking the right questions.

About your Trainers

Dharmesh Raithatha, Product Leader

Dharmesh is a Product leader with over 15 years product experience in early stage startups, high growth startups and innovation in larger companies. He is currently the Product Partner at Forward Partners, coaching founders and product managers within the portfolio on how to build great products. Previously he was a senior product manager at a high growth gaming startup and prior to that leading product at the BBC. He has also launched 2 startups and sold one. 

He is both passionate and zen about developing great teams that build great products. He is a regular speaker on Lean Product Management, Design Thinking and Venture. His current role sees him create new products, run workshops and mentor product people within the portfolio.

As a father of 2 young kids his spare time is non-existent. Although he still manages to fit in some rock-climbing (come on 7a!), learning the guitar and working on his tennis serve (backhand like federer, 10% of the time).

Eli Montgomery, Product Manager & Designer

Eli is a product and design enthusiast. Eli is a product generalist who enjoys tackling difficult problems and setting up experiments to de-risk innovative ideas.

Eli has worked in both product management and design and loves everything involved in making products work, from service design to DevOps, Eli has a wide range of experience with technical and people skill topics.

In his free time, Eli loves to travel with his wife, go on walks with his two dogs, and draw.


  • Registration will begin at 9.00

  • Class will start at 9.30 sharp and end at 17.00

We'll also provide a light breakfast, buffet lunch, and plenty of tea and coffee to fuel you through the day.

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