Jack the Ripper and his Victims (C1)

Jack the Ripper and his Victims (C1)

Tuesday 6 April de 10:00 à 11:15


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Discover the East End in the steps of Jack the Ripper. A historical and sociological exploration.

Online lecture in English level C1

The gruesome story of the Jack-The-Ripper murders made headlines in 1888 and still fascinates people up to this day, but how much do we know about his victims? Learnartory will take you round the streets of Spitalfields and Whitechapel to investigate the lives of the women of the East End.

We will not try and solve the Ripper mystery for the umpteenth time, and do not expect any graphic details about the atrocities he inflicted on his victims. Instead, we will focus on their dire living conditions in the overcrowded slums of London.

What you will improve in:

  • Vocabulary : Slums and poverty / Murder and investigation.
  • Questions in indirect speech.