From Trafalgar to Waterloo (B2)

From Trafalgar to Waterloo (B2)

Thursday 29 April de 10:00 à 11:15


Let’s discover the extraordinary destinies of two great British military heroes, the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Nelson.

Online lecture in English level B2 (Intermediate)

Wherever you are in London you cannot miss the numerous sites or monuments that celebrate the great British victories during the Napoleonic Wars.

This year being the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death, we shall have a closer look at the destinies of two grander-than life military heroes: the imperious Duke of Wellington and the impetuous Admiral Nelson.

This online lecture invites you to relive the two great battles and to discover the destinies of their glorious protagonists. With fair-play!

What you will improve in:

  • To re-organise a narrative in the past tense
  • To sort out information you heard orally