"French Speed Chatting"! - FREE MONTHLY EVENT

"French Speed Chatting"! - FREE MONTHLY EVENT

Friday 28 May de 18:00 à 20:00

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Come and speak French by pair for hours and for free!

Monthly event - every last Friday of the month.

Open to French speakers and French learners with a Pre Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced or Proficient level.

On the model of "speed dating" (be aware this is NOT a speed dating session!), you will chat with other French speakers with various level. You will do a series of 10-minute chat with successive partners.

This online event is an exclusive French London Experience organisation and it's organised by a native French tutor. We will be using the platform Zoom.

Along the 2 hours, we will start with a general introduction all together for about 10 minutes, then participants will be split by pairs in breakout rooms every 10 minutes. For each chat, you'll be given a topic, a bunch of questions or not!

This is a 2 hours event, however you don't have to attend the full 2 hours. 30 minutes? 1 hour? 2 hours? up to you!

To join the session and get the specific link, you have to sign up on Meet Up. Please sign up if you are to come. If you change your mind, update your status.

Registration deadline: 18h30 on the day.

A message (with the link) will be sent no later than 18.45 through messaging service.

Please before signing up, be aware that you need to be able to hold a bit of a conversation in French.

Any question, please drop me a line.

Spread the words!!!! And speak French!

This event is free of charge.

Monthly event - every last Friday of the month.

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Website: www.frenchlondonexperience.com