Call of Duty Black History Breakdown

Call of Duty Black History Breakdown

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Forensic illustrated analysis of the real Black history and hidden propaganda present in C.O.D Modern Warfare and Black Ops/Cold War

Computer games are making more money than some movies nowadays (C.O.D sales have topped $10 Billion so far, the Avengers movie made $1.5 billion) Producers and actors are increasingly selling stories to millions of eager consumers using this format but what sort of stories are being told ? We already know that film is an extremely powerful medium which often contains blatant and hidden messages. So how do these cinematic, high definition, interactive computer games relate to Black people and their history ? Are they a help or a hindrance ? In this interactive presentation we will cover:

  • The Military Industrial Complex. What it is and how it works
  • Radicalisation via gaming: War as Culture and the Culture of War
  • Propaganda and recruitment at the movies, then and now
  • Brainwashing the youth: London, Somalia, Nigeria, Haiti
  • Racism and Africa in the video gaming industry
  • Examples of Real politics disguised as Fantasy
  • Black Scientists and Inventors

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