Beyond Nollywood: New African cinema

Beyond Nollywood: New African cinema

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jeudi 17 septembre de 17:30 à 19:30

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A new generation of Nigerian filmmakers are creating content beyond the old 'Nollywood' label. This talk reveals and explains them

A new generation of Nigerian filmmakers are creating film language beyond Nollywood. These creative upstarts, influenced by international popular culture have birthed a distinctive indigenous style. Bold, unflinching voices who remain largely on the periphery are re-writing the future of the Nigerian film industry.

In this talk, Nadia Denton will explore BEYOND NOLLYWOOD, her vision for new wave cinema coming out of Nigeria and its diaspora. She will examine whether BEYOND NOLLYWOOD could transform the future of one of the most vibrant film cultures globally and if film provocations from this part of the world could offer a new vision for humanity and way to make connections in an increasingly fractured world.

Drawing from Franz Fanon’s philosophy of Africa being a place where a new consciousness or way of seeing the world could emerge, she will show how creativity lies at the heart of Nigeria’s future and is its salvationin the post oil era.

About the speaker Nadia Denton

Nadia has worked in the film industry for 15 years primarily as an Impact Producer, Curator and Author. She specialises in Nigerian Cinema and coined the term BEYOND NOLLYWOOD . Her two books include The Black British Filmmakers Guide to Success (2011)and The Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood (2014) . In 2017, Nadia co-produced SHOOTING IT LIKE A WOMAN a BBC World Service radio documentary about women in the Nigerian film industry. Currently, she is Impact Producer for FOR MARIA EBUN PATAKI (Dir: Dami Orimogunje) a Nigerian arthouse film which follows a woman’s struggle with post-partum depression. She is also an Academic Supervisor for London Film School .

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