Beatles vs Stones

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Beatles vs Stones

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The Blues Kitchen

40 Acre Lane, London, SW2 5SP
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vendredi 30 octobre de 17:00 à 22:00

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À partir de £9.05

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The two titans of the 60s British Invasion

The British invaders go head to head in a night of back to back hits performed by our world-famous house band.

'Satisfaction' or 'Twist And Shout'? 'Gimme Shelter' or 'Come Together'? 'Wild Horses' or 'Let It Be'? Both bands contribution to music and culture are in equal measure, so who do you think will come out on top?

Catch the early Beatles vs Stones set and then stick around later as our house band end the night with more hits from the golden era of funk & soul.

Doors 5pm, live music from 7pm. Please arrive early.


Tickets are sold as tables. For party bookings or extra information please call 020 7274 0591.