How is born AllTrippers?

Charlotte Bardet (34 años) and Vincent Roussel (38 años): we are the two co-founders of the AllTrippers platform.

Between us, we have over 13 years of expatriation and 23 countries visited!

Why AllTrippers?

Because moving abroad is first of all:

  • Understand the country in which you settle: language, culture, rules of good manners, laws, etc.
  • Adapting to the differences of everyday life: administration, health, housing, employment, education, etc.
  • Start a new social life: meet new people, discover new places to live, etc.

Our long-term ambition is to facilitate and animate the lives of 258 million expatriates around the world - by offering a single platform bringing together the experiences and knowledge of each through various features:

The quality of information shared is essential. Questions / answers and good official addresses are posted by our team of AllTrippers experts - selected on their experience, knowledge, writing skills and involvement within the community.

A space for discussion open to all

  • Free access to information
  • No obligation to create a user account

The creation of a user account is mandatory only if you want to interact (ask / answer a question, comment, etc.) with other members of the community.

Key dates

  • Project start: November 2017
  • Official launch of the website for the French-speaking community of London (1st version): February 1, 2019
  • Launch of iOS and Android mobile applications: November 2019