How to pay the congestion tax?

The cost to circulate in the congestion zone (congestion charge zone) is £11.50 per day, regardless of the number of times you enter / get out of the congestion zone during the day.


You can reduce this cost to £1 per day if you subscribe to the automatic payment system Auto Pay.

Payment can be made by:

You can pay:

  • up to 90 days in advance
  • the day of circulation
  • the next day before midnight: with a surcharge of £14

If you are driving in the congestion zone on a Friday, you will have until Monday evening to pay (always with a surcharge of £14 from Friday evening midnight).

In the event of non-payment, a fine (Penalty Charge Notice - PCN) will be sent to you.

In case of error in entering your license plate or country of registration, a fine (PCN) may also be sent to you.