V&A and Natural History Museum, forget the classic highlights!

We will take you to the heart of “Albertopolis” to explore two masterpieces of Victorian art from different angles!

Forget the V&A treasures – Raphael’s cartoons, Tipu Sultan’s Tiger, the Ardabil Carpet, or the terrifying T-Rex, the doomed Dodo and all the Natural History Museum’s creepy crawlies!

This tour will be looking at the two Victorian masterpieces from different angles: their history, architecture, decorative styles and museography.

How did the collections start? How did they grow and expand? Who were their initiators and main actors? What were the aesthetic choices behind these masterpieces of Victorian architecture?

These two museums are much more than the sum of their millions of exhibits: they are monuments to the grandeur of the Victorians and were conceived as part of an extended educational programme.

Their glorious and imposing façades are an invitation for us to push the doors and explore their vast territories.

What you will improve in:

Language: Advanced (C1)

Culture: Enhance your Victorian knowledge