Theatreland Black History Walk

Multiple and stunning revelations of the Black performers and productions that have graced the stages of London's West End theatres

Explore the hidden history of African presence in the West End's theatre district. With a recent explosion of Black productions since the events of 2020, we investigate and expose how far back the African/Caribbean presence on stage goes, who the performers were, where they appeared, audience reception and the racial climate at the time. This walk features:

  • Black magicians, escape artists and hypnotists
  • Famous actors and their roles (much more than just Paul Robeson)
  • Black women producers and sell out shows
  • Comedians and Tragedians and their amazing real life stories
  • Enslaved people and plays on the West End stage
  • US Civil Rights connections, Pearl, Edric, Harry
  • Black British Civil Rights Activists and the acting colour bar
  • The 'Beyonce' of the 1950s who owned her own castle
  • Racist tropes, stereotypes and how they were overcome
  • Current Black productions you can check out

Watch out for Black History Walks new book 'Black History Walks in London, Volume 1' published by Jacaranda Books. This was part of Jacaranda's revolutionary Twenty in 2020 initiative to publish 20 books by 20 Black British authors in 2020. An unprecedented feat.

Other coming events:

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  • The Little Mermaid's Real Black History and the books to prove it
  • Hackney and St Paul's/Bank/Spitalfields Black history walk
  • Secrets of Soho
  • Fighting the slavemaster in the City of London
  • John Pilger season at BFI Southbank
  • James Baldwin season at BFI Southbank