The Monuments & Memorials of Southwark Cathedral -

The Monuments & Memorials of Southwark Cathedral -

Wednesday 20 July de 17:30 à 18:30

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Join two Cathedral tour guides for an illustrated online talk about the monuments & memorials of Southwark Cathedral.

Southwark Cathedral, in the heart of Bankside, has a long history. This talk will explore some of this history through its memorials and monuments. Poets, playwrights, Jacobean bishops and the many parishioners who have their memorials here are all witness to the church’s history. These people remind us of Southwark’s colourful past with the pilgrimages beginning from local taverns; Shakespeare and his contemporaries performing in the nearby playhouses; bishops holding court at the nearby palace of Winchester; a seventeenth century quack doctor; wealthy female benefactors, and the Cathedral’s legacy today for women priests. You will hear, too, of the amazing work carried out by a local architect whose tireless efforts (along with local people) saved the church from demolition so we can enjoy this wonderful cathedral today.

The talk will last for 40 minutes with an opportunity to ask questions afterwards.