Southbank Black History Walk

From ancient Africa to Anti-Apartheid to Caribbean entrepeneurs, Top Ten hits, World War 2, block-busting movies and best selling authors

An exciting, interactive tour of the African/Caribbean history along the Southbank riverside. We will cover:

  • Africa before colonisation
  • The devastation of WW2 and the link to Windrush
  • Black British Civil Rights
  • Inventors and Reparations
  • Anti Apartheid and Londoners,
  • White suffragettes and Black Power
  • Amazing Black movies and how to see them
  • Gentrification and Frankenstein
  • International corruption sweet drinks, fossil fuels and money
  • Sewage treatment in London and the fight for clean water in the 'third world'

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O ther coming events from Black History Walks

  • John Pilger season at BFI
  • S alute to Sybil Phoenix
  • B lack History River Cruise and Bus Tour
  • 17 Years of African Odysseys at BFI Southbank
  • H arlem in Mayfair Walk
  • T he African history in art
  • T heatreland Black History Walk
  • H ackney, Soho and St Paul's walks
  • H ow Black People Won World War 2 talk
  • A frican Women Resistance Leaders Course
  • A frican Superheroes Day
  • B lack History Walks in London Volume 1 book signings