The Shoulders We Stand On, book talk and Q&A

Sunday 11 February de 15:00 à 16:30

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Author talk and Q&A on new book about the Black and Asian fight for racial equality in Britain

Have you heard of the Indian Workers' Association? The Grunwick Strike? The Brixton Black Women's Group? The Battle of Brick Lane? If the answer is no, you're not alone. The Shoulders We Stand On tells the stories of ten remarkable movements, campaigns and organisations led by Black and Brown people across Britain from the sixties to the eighties that fought against racism and capitalism and impacted the way we live now.

This online session with researcher and historian Preeti Dhillon will help us to reclaim the history that has been withheld, and use these vital movements and inspirational moments to better understand the UK we live in today and how change happens.

We will cover:

  • Virginity testing at Heathrow
  • Racist immigration laws.
  • Bail conditions as a weapon
  • Bussing out the 'darkies' education segregation UK style
  • Proving you gave birth to your children, The Anwar Ditta story
  • How to make and keep your family history alive
  • Science fiction and reality the legacy of 'Sus'
  • From 'illegal'squats to Housing Associations, Darcus Howe and the East End
  • Black and Asian representation in government and their policies
  • The crossover between Black and Asian grassroots activism

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