Laura Dokrill in conversation with Bryony Gordon at Waterstones TCR

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19-21 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 1BJ

Tuesday 25 June de 18:00 à 19:00


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We are thrilled to have award winning author Laura Dockrill to celebrate her debut adult fiction novel alongside Bryony Gordon.

Ella and Lowe are teenagers when they first meet. For her, it’s love at first sight. But it’s also safest to love from afar, where the friendship zone is her safety net and she can’t get hurt. Over the next fifteen years, Ella and Lowe share everything: grief, laughter, friendship, bottles of cider, cigarettes in the rain. But there’s one thing Ella can never ask him: whether he feels the same way about her. And every time Lowe kisses another girl, Ella feels her heart break just that little bit more.

Can you ever really just be friends with the love of your life? And what happens when the day comes when you can’t keep the beautiful, terrifying, all-consuming truth to yourself anymore?

Based on Laura’s own lived experience, it is the ultimate love letter to her partner Hugo White (formerly of The Maccabees). It draws on first love, true love, her love-from-adistance-for-pretty-much-her-entire-life but don’t worry, she ended up marrying him – luckily, for him.

Laura Dockrill is an award winning author from Brixton. Her first book for children ‘Darcy Burdock’ was shortlisted for The Waterstones Book of The Year Prize and the Carnegie Medal. Her previous work have earned her plaudits including ‘Top 10 literary Talent’ from The Times. Laura has appeared on a host of TV programmes; CBeebies, Blue Peter, News night and BBC Breakfast to name a few. Her radio prowess spans across the entire BBC network, having performed works on Radio 1 through 6 including Woman’s Hour and Open Book. She has written for the BFI, BBC Radio, Channel 4, The British Council, The Young Vic and the National Theatre. Laura is a judge of the 2024 prestigious Women’s Prize for Fiction. ‘I Love You, I Love You, I Love You’ is Laura’s first adult fiction novel.