F*cked Up Fiction Book Club: The New Seoul Park Jelly Massacre

Join us for our June F*cked Up Fiction Book Club!

Join us for our June F*cked Up Fiction Book Club!

Do you enjoy reading fiction that is just ever so slightly weird? Welcome to Waterstones Gower Street's F*cked Up Fiction Book Club - you are amongst friends.Borne out of a shared love of reading books that, at times, make us go 'eek', we decided to get together to have a chat, and invite you all to join in the fun and the discussion.

On 27th June, we will be discussing The New Seoul Park Jelly Massacre, by Cho Yeeun. Cho Yeeun's chilling and deceptively sweet twist on body horror that masterfully subverts the expectations of an entire sub-genre. A fantastic translation from Korean to English by Yewon Jung, perfectly capturing the absurdity and insidious premise of this daring novel.

At New Seoul Park, Korea's greatest theme park, an enigmatic man tempts visitors with a mysterious jelly candy that promises an unbreakable bond. As the sun beats down on a muggy summer afternoon, a child seperted from her disinterested parents, a single mother striving to create a memorable day on a shoestring budget, and a couple on the brink of splitting up all end up tasting this ominous candy. Little do they know that a sinister force lurks beneath the innocent facade. THe sweet and innocent soon turns grotesque as the jelly becomes the catalyst for a sticky, sweet massacre.

'She stared blankly at the limbs that fell from the sky and squashed like pudding against the ground. She ran, looking straight ahead, amid the festival-like sounds of people screaming and bodies exploding like firecrackers.'

Join us for drinks and frank discussion - we look forward to seeing you soon. Tickets cost £5 and include a drink. Ticket-holders will also be entitled to a 10% discount on the following month's book club book if you purchase it from Waterstones Gower Street. You will be able to vote for July's bookclub book on the night.

Book early to avoid disappointment, spaces are limited!