BOXPARK's 'ALL NIGHT LONG' sets are a journey through sound and vibes of a headline DJ.

BOXPARK's 'ALL NIGHT LONG' sets are a journey through sound and vibes of a headline DJ.

Experience the ultimate party at BOXPARK Shoreditch on July 12 with Donae'O headlining a night of pure musical magic. Known for his genre-blending hits like "Devil in a Blue Dress," Donae'O promises an electrifying performance. The night will also feature fantastic sets from Pioneer, Logic, and Rampage, ensuring the energy starts high and stays there.

Join us for a celebration of UK music you won't want to miss – get your tickets today!

Please note: free ticket registration does not guarantee entry. We will be operating on a first-come-first-served policy so please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

This is an 18+ event - physical ID required for entry. No re-entry once you leave the premises.


No ID, no entry: Valid passport or driving licence only. No paper or picture of ID will be accepted.

Intoxication & Safety: Under the Licensing Act 2003 it is an offence to allow any persons who are deemed intoxicated to remain on the premises. This will be determined by the venue and door staff. As a venue we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed intoxicated.

Search Policy: BOXPARK operates a search policy as part of entry conditions. This includes physical search and/or bag search. Customers have the right to refuse any searches, however as a condition of entry the customer will be denied entry.

Drugs & Violence: BOXPARK has a zero tolerance on drugs & violence. If drugs are found they will be confiscated, removed from the premises and reported to the police. Customers who pose any danger or violence will be ejected and reported to the police if necessary.