20 Banned Black Films you need to see. 17 years of African Odysseys

Choice of banned Black films screened by African Odysseys since 2007 with facts, statistics and reasons.

In honour of James Baldwin's birthday, 2nd August, and our recent nearby blue plaque unveiling in his honour, we discuss his little known role as a film critic and screenwriter. We will look at some of the films he liked and disliked. We will also highlight some of the many Black films that have been literally or figuratively banned

The African Odysseys film programme has been screening fantastic Black films once a month with Q&A's for 17 years. It is the only such programme in the country.

Some of the films we have shown have been literally banned and this presentation will go through at least 20 of them explaining what these films were about, why they were banned and the current methods of suppressing Black films that challenge Hollywood stereotypes. We will cover:

  • Government agencies and their role in suppressing independent movie production
  • Origins of African Odysseys
  • Baldwin and Malcolm X the hidden story
  • ·How to ban a film without appearing to ban it
  • ‘We don’t want a full house of Black people even if it will make us money’ with proof
  • Where to access great African/Caribbean films
  • Black Lives Matter and the link to Film
  • African Odysseys at the BFI Black and Banned season 2018
  • New platforms for viewing positive African/Caribbean content
  • E xtracts from Black History Walks in London Vol 1 which has extensive details about Black film exhibition

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