Margaux Salon opens a second salon!

At just 30 years old, Margaux Cras - a young Lille expatriate for 10 years now - is now the patron of a new brand of hairdressing and beauty salons in London: Margaux Salon.

Passionate about hairdressing since her childhood, daughter and granddaughter of a hairdresser, at the age of 15 she landed an assistant position at the Cannes Film Festival, with the hairdresser-partner Jean-Claude Biguine.

3 years later and a CAP in hand, the 18-year-old woman decides to try the adventure in Australia; she will work for 9 months in a salon in Sydney.

At 20, she opened her first hairdressing salon in Lille - then went on a trip... Europe, Oceania, Asia - Margaux finally decided to put her bags in the English capital: London!

First lounge at Finsbury Park

Upon her arrival in London, Margaux quickly found a job in a hairdressing salon in Chelsea - and met the one who would become her partner in life and at work: Vincent Doucet.

Then everything accelerates, she is contacted by Dessange to open their very first salon in England. An ambitious project on which they will work for almost a year, but which will ultimately not see the light of day.

Following this experience, Margaux finally decides to open her own living room, in her image: custom-made furniture with the support of a decorator - to create the living room of her dreams! Deep green, raw wood and copper-colored metal to stick to the living room's organic universe.

Interior of the establishment Finsbury Park Margaux Salon in London
Margaux Salon - Finsbury Park

The first Margaux Salon opened at Finsbury Park in November 2017.

New salon in Kentish Town

A second Margaux Salon opened on Saturday July 4, 2020 in Kentish Town - the official date for the reopening of hairdressing salons after this difficult period of confinement!

Organic and natural products

Whether for the hair or the nails, Margaux Salon makes it a point of honor to use only organic or natural products. These products are less dangerous for its customers - but also for its employees!

In 10 years of career Margaux has indeed been able to observe the harmful effects of chemicals on the body: allergic reactions, migraines, etc.

"As beauty professionals, it is our responsibility to promote best practices and the best products. "- Margaux Cras

Organic hair products from the Danish brand Natulique
Organic hair products from the Danish brand Natulique

Margaux Salon is associated with the Danish brand Natulique, specializing in organic hair products - and works with the range of natural Peggy Sage nail polishes.


The young entrepreneur is accompanied and supported by her partner Vincent Doucet, and now surrounded by 7 employees: Angela, Claire, Eric, Filipine, Pedro, Sophie and Yoann.

Services offered

Margaux Salon takes care of:

  • Your hair: color, cut, balayage, care, etc. - for women, men and children.
  • Your nails: manicure and pedicure.

And inform and advise you - in French or in English.

If you are lacking inspiration, do not hesitate to take a look to their latest achievements!

Address and opening hours

Find the address of the salons and their opening hours on the professional page of Margaux Salon.