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Fancy a bird's eye view of the British capital? The spectacular glass floor is the most significant addition to Tower Bridge since it opened in 1982.

Discover the best views of London from over 40 meters above the Thames.

This jaw-dropping experience might scare a few people off, but fear not - there is plain flooring on either side of the glass if you're too scared to look down!

Kids can make the experience even more interactive with the Family Trail app. They will learn fascinating stories on the bridge and can use their phones as a wrench to tighten bolts, a shovel to drop coal into the boiler to power the bridge, and a steering wheel to guide a boat safely along the Thames..

For those who want to know how the bridge works, you can even ask an expert all your questions in the engine room on certain days!

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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Rd, SE1 2UP