Natural History Museum of London

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Stop what you're doing in London! It's time to embark on a memorable journey through the splendid galleries of the Natural History Museum, where an expert guide will take you up close and personal with some of the most awe-inspiring exhibits ever created.

Contemplate the gigantic skeleton of Diplodocus enthroned in the central hall, and marvel at the striking delicacy of the butterfly collection. The Volcanoes and Earthquakes Gallery will take you through time, unraveling the mysteries of how our planet formed and evolved. In the Hintze room, you will be captivated by the monumental blue whale skeleton measuring 25 meters, you have to see it to believe it! The minerals and gems on display, each more breathtaking than the last, reveal breathtaking beauty.

Your guide will provide captivating insight into the history and significance of each piece on display, also illuminating the extraordinary work done by the museum's eminent scientists.

An unmissable experience for history buffs!