Jet Boat Ride in Albufeira


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What's included

  • Jet boat ride in Albufeira (30 minutes or 1 hour, depending on your selected ticket option)

  • Safety briefing and life jackets

  • Necessary equipment

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30 € / p.

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Ahhh, the serene coast of Albufeira. Waves lap gently against the shoreline, sunbathers laze on sandy beaches, sunlight glimmers on the turquoise tide, and... you zooming by in a turbo-powered jet boat! * Rev up your adrenaline engine and rocket around Portugal's southern coast like a runaway torpedo with this jet boat adventure. Perform gravity-defying stunts, hairpin turns, and powerslides as you carve up the Algarve surf at top speed. Slow down and enjoy the scenery – then blast off again!

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Mandatory mask 

How to get there?

Marina de Albufeira

R. da Orada, 8201-918